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Labour Suspends Candidate Who Bet against Himself, Lib Dem Leader Admits to Betting

As the scandal expands, it looks like the Tories are not the only ones involved in questionable political wagers

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission is now investigating yet another politician, this time from the Labour Party. According to reports, Kevin Craig, the party’s candidate for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, has placed a wager against himself.

Craig was suspended from his party after the Labour learned of his wager. In addition, the party will be returning £100,000 donated by Craig.

The news comes amid an ongoing gambling scandal that incriminated a number of Conservative politicians and staffers of leveraging insider information to place wagers on the date of PM Rishi Sunak’s surprising election.

While the scandal primarily involved Tory politicians, it looks like their principal competitors aren’t exactly guiltless either.

Craig Apologized to His Followers and His Party

Craig commented on his wager on X, saying that it was not a serious bet but rather a “fun” one. He told his followers that thought that he was going to lose the seat and intended to win this wager and donate the money to local charities.

Additionally, Craig emphasized that he did not have any insider information besides the hunch that he was going to lose the race.

While I did not place this bet with any prior knowledge of the outcome, this was a huge mistake, for which I apologise unreservedly.

Kevin Craig

Craig also apologized to his party, excusing himself for hurting its reputation. He vowed to comply with the UKGC’s investigation.

Keir Starmer’s Labour has been steadily gaining traction, getting the upper hand thanks to their Conservative opponents’ possible wagering offenses. In order to maintain this lead, the party immediately suspended Craig, arguing that it would strive to uphold the “highest standards” for its parliamentary candidates.

In a recent statement, Starmer himself claimed to have never placed a political wager.

Sid Ed Davey Admits to Having Placed a Political Wager

While Starmer says he has never placed a political bet, Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, told the BBC that he has previously placed a wager on his party’s performance. The bet in question was placed on the outcome of the 2010 general election and was ultimately a losing one.

The Lib Dem leader emphasized the difference between a “flutter” and a wager placed using inside knowledge. Davey insisted that his wager did not use privileged information and therefore did not violate any rules.

Likewise, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack just admitted to placing a wager on the elections date but claimed that he didn’t have any insider information that would have helped him cheat the system. Mel Stride backed Jack, supporting his claim that he had not broken any rules. As a result, Jack is not being investigated by the UKGC.

However, five police officers, serving as bodyguards to British royals, politicians and diplomats, did not have the same success and are now under investigation by the regulatory body.


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