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KSA Asks MKC Limited’s Betworld247 to Quit Netherlands

Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch Gaming Authority, has issued a warning to M.K.C. Limited to either cease operations or face a stiff weekly penalty which the regulator will then press on to collect. The operator of has been found to operate in breach of the country’s gambling laws. The cease-and-desist letter was issued to the rogue operator last week.

Betworld247 Has to Comply or Face Financial Penalties

The watchdog insists that the request must be complied with fully, or the operator will be fined €28,000 weekly and up to €84,000. According to the regulator, Dutch consumers were able to access the website and register on it, citing cases dating back to May 24 and 25 and June 8 this year. The regulator noted that the website made no effort to block the player from accessing the gambling products available on the site and offered without a license that permits operation on the Dutch gaming market.

However, this is not an isolated case. The regulator insisted that the gambling site was visited by 376,595 unique IPs between June 2021 and May 2022, with repeat visits not shared. The KSA reminded that operators that do not hold the necessary licenses under the October 1, 2022, reregulation of the market must cease all operations in the Netherlands.

The new and stricter laws must be adhered to in full and players must be provided with player fair conditions along with an adequate level of consumer protection and safety guards. This may only be achieved in a regulated environment, the KSA explained.

Targeting Bad Actors in the Dutch Market

The Netherlands has continued to work hard in ensuring that a gold standard is established in its gambling industry, something that has proven a monumental task. Earlier in September, the KSA asked another operator, LCS Limited to voluntarily withdraw from the market, citing breaches with the company’s operations and insisting that the operator stop any offerings that include Dutch players.

Meanwhile, the KSA chair, René Jansen explained that he expects regulated operators to also step their game and do more in order to protect consumers. Earlier this year, the Netherlands also issued a ban on influencers and personalities popular with people under the age of 21 to strike gambling partnerships in which they promote brands.


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