December 3, 2020 3 min read

Kindred’s Chairman Anders Ström Will Not Stand for Re-Election

Kindred Group announced today its founder Anders Ström would not stand for re-election to the company’s board of directors next year. The founder of Unibet would instead enjoy the fruits of his investments while spending more time with friends and family.

No Re-Election for Ström

Anders Ström told Kindred’s nomination committee December 3 that his time as chairman of the board, a position he had held since founding the group’s most popular brand Unibet in 1997, would not be extended after next year.

“Some years ago I made the promise to myself that, before my 50th birthday, I would start to disengage from the forward positions in the companies that I am invested in, and spend more time managing the investments as such and with my family.”

Anders Ström, Chairman, Kindred Group

For the 23 years with Ström as chairman of the board, Kindred turned into a leading online gambling operator, spearheaded by Unibet, and currently, the group has a customer base of nearly 30 million and more than 1,600 employees, as well as excellent opportunities for further growth when proper strategies and focus are applied.

Diversified Model Helped Shrug Off Disruptions

Last month, Kindred Group released an interim report, informing investors about its third quarter and January-September financial performances, outlining it managed to shrug off the ongoing disruption in the industry for the third quarter due to its diversified model.

“By informing the Nomination Committee that I will not stand for re-election at the AGM of 2021, I will thus be able to start fulfilling this promise before I turn fifty, on Friday the 4th.”

Anders Ström, Chairman, Kindred Group

While dedicating time and effort to the company, Anders Ström neglected friends and leisure activities that he would now wish to give more attention to, he noted. During his illustrious career, Anders Ström who is industry-wide recognized as one of the most influential to online gambling people for the decade, also co-founded with Kristian Nylen sports betting technology company Kambi in 2010.

“Throughout the years, Anders has been an important and inspiring asset to the board of Kindred, and he has provided it with in-depth knowledge of the industry and contributed to a stable and competent board.”

Evert Carlsson, Chairman, Nomination Committee, Kindred Group

Anders Ström will continue to be an investor in Kindred Group confident in the future prospects of the company that its long-term strategy would set it on the path to sustainable growth.

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