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Sweden Appoints Gambling Black Market Lead Investigator

In its efforts to reduce match-fixing and influence of the black market, the Ministry of Finance in Sweden initiated a new investigation. Led by Gunnar Larsson, the investigation will seek to identify obstacles and propose solutions aiming at improving the methods for control and reducing unlicensed operators as well as match-fixing.

Gunnar Larsson Is Appointed as Leading Gambling Market Investigator in Sweden

Director General of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Gunnar Larsson, was appointed by the Swedish Ministry of Finance earlier this week as a leading investigator fighting against the black market in the country. Mr. Larsson will be leading an investigation, aiming at “identifying obstacles and proposing solutions” with a final goal to improve the methods of control for offshore or illegal operators.

Furthermore, the investigation will aim to determine if the government and the Swedish regulators can enforce those methods for control. The investigation will also seek a comprehensive framework for reducing the influence of the black market in the country.

In fact, prior to the launch of the investigation, the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate, Spelinspektionen, has revealed that the payment blocks for black market transactions may be difficult to impose. This is precisely one of the topics which will be included in the investigation led by Mr. Larsson.

The Swedish Government Focuses on Consumer Protection

During a press conference confirming Mr. Larsson’s appointment, he revealed that trust and confidence must be maintained in the gaming market. Spelinspektionen’s director-general Camilla Rosenberg added that with this investigation, the efforts against unlicensed play and match-fixing will be enhanced.

Furthermore, she stressed that the current tools which the Inspectorate has are not sufficient and this issue was already reported to the Swedish government in the reports “Developments in the gambling market and measures taken due to the new coronavirus“.

We have a responsibility to protect, above all, vulnerable consumers from illegal gambling, but also to protect the serious players in the gambling market from unfair competition.

Ardalan Shekarabi, Swedish Minister of Social Affairs

According to Ardalan Shekarabi, the Swedish minister of social affairs, it is the government’s responsibility not only to protect vulnerable customers from illegal gambling but also to protect the operators from unfair competition.

He outlined that increased efforts are needed to remove illegal gambling from the Swedish market. In conclusion, Shekarabi revealed that this is a move that aims at reducing match-fixing as well as organized crime.


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