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Kindred Tackles Harmful Gambling Revenue One Quarter at a Time

The group is committed to reducing its revenue from harmful gambling to a net zero over the next several years, and has made another step towards this goal in the fourth quarter

Kindred Group reported that revenue from harmful gambling fell by 0.5% to 3.3% in the fourth quarter compared to 3.8% in the third quarter. This progress is part of the group’s broader Journey towards Zero program, which wants to see the company’s revenue streams completely decoupled from harmful gambling.

Kindred Group Holds the Course Steady towards Better Future

The Journey towards Zero has been a pivotal part of Kindred’s broader commitment to the industry, and among the first programs to openly acknowledge the necessity of speaking about the fact that regulated companies continue to generate a percentage of their revenue from harmful gambling.

This though is expected to change and Kindred Group has already had successes, bringing the metric down to 3.3% in the latest quarter compared to 4% in the fourth quarter of 2021.  According to Kindred, it has been able to deploy the right set of tools that allow it to approach younger demographics in a more responsible way designed to slash harmful gambling and improve interventions, leading to fewer impacted customers.

Kindred Group’s dedicated responsible gambling team has been an important part of the process. The company has made sure that in the cases where harmful gambling was detected, its specialists reached out. The results are encouraging, as 82.1% of all people contacted registered an immediate improvement in the way they approached and interacted with gambling.

Not a Straightforward Process Towards Net Zero

Yet, it has not been smooth sailing for Kindred Group either. Even though the company managed to cut its harmful gambling in the latest quarter, results have been see-sawing. In Q1 2022, for example, the company also reported 3.3% of harmful gambling revenue, the same as in Q2 2022, before the metric went up in Q3 2022 at 3.8%.

Regardless, Kindred has made determined efforts to ensure that it reports such events transparently and that it continues to address the issue through both its internal team of trained specialists and capable third-party allies. Kindred Group Henrik Tjärnström also hailed the latest progress the company has made.

“Despite this, we remain firmly committed to our Journey towards Zero, and to do the heavy lifting needed to reach this ambition,” Tjärnström noted. Kindred Group has been willing to establish a solid presence in the industry and lead by example. The company was distinguished as a top employer in the latest Karriärföretagen survey and Kindred recently committed to double down on its environmental commitments.


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