February 6, 2023 2 min read


Future Anthem Says “Race to Real-Time” Boosts Player Value

The company hopes to further push the boundaries of AI-driven personalization and add real value to partner businesses’ brands and products

The AI and data science firm has confirmed that its “race to real-time” solution is capable of delivering an unmatched personalized experience for both the sports betting and iGaming segment, allowing Future Anthem to significantly boost the value for its partners in the two verticals.

Leveraging Big Data to Increase Player Value

Future Anthem has conducted extensive testing across 40 billion bets by more than 32 million players over a 12-month period and used real-time machine learning to help personalize the player experience.

As a result, the company has been able to significantly increase the level of engagement and retention, resulting in greater overall satisfaction for customers, but also a stronger bottom line for businesses.

In specific terms, Future Anthem partner businesses reported a 25% increase in the number of spins players made on slots, with a 10% increase in the overall net revenue per bonus award.

Future Anthem’s sports betting product was equally powerful and impactful, boosting interaction with players by 99%, the company claimed.

The True Value of Personalization in Gambling

The news was welcomed by company CPO Ian Tibot who said that the “race to real-time has begun,” and added that Future Anthem has been able to deliver these robust results through a clear commitment to personalization.

Real-time personalization improves engagement, retention, and sustainable revenues – to put it simply, if you’re not working on personalization in real-time, you are going to be left behind.

Future Anthem CPO Ian Tibot

Tibot insisted that better overall results were possible thanks to the company’s unique proposition and added that differentiation and improved commercial gains are all rooted in a personalized approach towards all customers.

Future Anthem has been delivering outstanding results. The company has also gone through several hiring sprees, adding the talent of Laura Bird as the company’s new chief financial officer and Emma Ferguson as head of people.


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