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Kindred Group Distinguished as Top Employer in Sweden Once Again

Kindred Group, one of Sweden’s leading gambling companies and a global iGaming behemoth, has been named a Career Company by Karriärföretagen and a recognized top employer in the country. The company has been featured in the organization’s Career Companies 2023 ranking and wins the distinction for the second year in a row, which is the result of the meticulous work Kindred has put into creating a friendly and inclusive work environment.

Kindred Group Grabs Important Accolades for Second Year in a Row

Karriärföretagen subjects any nominees for its Career Companies list to rigorous testing and selection, with expert panels featuring a qualified jury weighing in to announce the winners. Kindred, argue the judges, is a company that offers unique career and development opportunities to graduate students and young professionals, which has made the company stand out.

Karriärföretagen has considered other factors as well, such as social media activities overall company attractiveness and public perception, and available career pages on the Internet. Once a winner does not mean a repeat success, though, as Kindred Group and any other entity listed on the Career Companies list need to adhere to strict criteria to be awarded again.

In fact, 18 entities have fallen from the last list. Commenting on this distinction, Kindred Group tech employee experience lead Johan Engberg said that Kindred was immensely proud of the development and said that the company was working hard to provide everyone with a flying start in their careers, adding:

We want to offer our employees the right tools, optimal conditions, and challenges that allow people on-the-job development opportunities. This is crucial in the competitive Tech talent market.

Kindred Group tech employee experience lead Johan Engberg

Karriärföretagen also hailed Kindred Group’s efforts over the past months and said that the entity is a committed employer that “does impressive employer branding work.” There is a distinct commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion in the group, the organization added, that makes Kindred Group a worthwhile candidate for the Career Companies 2023 list.


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