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Kindbridge Teams up with Epic Risk Management to Fight Gambling Harm

Kindbridge, the first teletherapy company in the world joined forces with leading gambling harm minimization consultancy, EPIC Risk Management. Under the collaboration, the two companies aim at delivering education, treatment, and prevention techniques for vulnerable groups.

EPIC Risk Management and Kindbridge Join Forces

World’s first teletherapy company, Kindbridge, announced a strategic partnership with EPIC Risk Management, the leading gambling harm minimization consultancy. By joining forces, the two companies are going to deliver treatment, prevention techniques, and education to vulnerable groups such as people who may be suffering from problem gambling or are at risk.

Furthermore, the two companies will also support students and professional athletes across the United States. Those groups are especially vulnerable to problem gambling and gaming. As a result, the two companies will support those groups by providing mental health services.

Additionally, that support will also ensure the protection of the integrity of those sports. According to Kindbridge’s announcement, the collaboration will ensure access to “a trusted route to immediate, accessible, and effective prevention and treatment solutions“.

Kindbridge – the First Teletherapy Company in the World

In a statement, Daniel Umfleet, CEO of Kindbridge deemed the collaboration as a fantastic opportunity. The education and training efforts that EPIC Risk Management brings will help the companies “become the first virtual center of excellence dedicated to high-quality, evidence-based gambling and gaming treatment“.

Looking at Kindbridge, we see the first teletherapy company in the world focused on helping people who are suffering from gambling and gaming disorders. Currently, the company operates in collaboration with major insurance providers in the US.

Aiming at easing the access to mental health services for problem gamblers, the company collaborates with United Healthcare, Aetna, and Medicare. Kindbridge’s ultimate goal is to build the largest network of mental health providers in the US which will result in quality services for communities, impacted by gambling and gaming.

EPIC Risk Management Is Proud to Have Kindbridge as Partner

According to Brianne Doura-Schawohl, VP of US Policy and Strategic Development at EPIC Risk Management, the company shares with Kindbridge many values as well as approaches toward reducing gambling-related harm. Furthermore, she stressed that every person who is experiencing gambling-related addiction issues should have easy access to treatment and support. Doura-Schawohl added that EPIC is proud to call Kindbridge a partner, considering its tailored approach toward supporting patients.

Currently, EPIC collaborates with some of the biggest sports organizations such as the NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation. So far, more than 40 NCAA Division 1 Universities have received educational programs from EPIC. The main goal of those programs is to limit the risks and devastating effects of problem gambling.

The services which EPIC provides offer advice from education and prevention experts. Their experience is a key factor in the company’s advisory services. Furthermore, EPIC also collaborates with gaming industry operators, which allows them to better identify vulnerable customers.


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