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KGM Designated as Zitro’s Distributor in Several States

The agreement will generate value for the two companies, as well as for KGM’s partnering operators in New York, Connecticut and Ohio

Zitro, a world leader in entertainment and a provider of bingo and slot games, systems and iGaming, has unveiled a new content distribution agreement with KGM, a leading supplier of casino equipment and systems.

Under the newly-minted agreement, KGM, a US-based company, will serve as Zitro’s exclusive distributor in several states. As per the deal, this includes New York and Connecticut, as well as Ohio’s Racino market.

Zitro has been steadily expanding its global footprint. The current deal follows several major agreements between the supplier and various operators and aggregators. A week ago, for example, the company entered Croatia with Luckia Casino Zagreb, powering the operator with its diverse suite of slots.

Earlier this year, Zitro supplier expanded its partnership with Cirsa Casinos, introducing its Mega King game at the operator’s casinos in Mexico. In December 2022, on the other hand, Zitro delivered 160 Glare cabinets to Grupo Boldt in Argentina.

The Deal Will Generate Value for KGM, Zitro and Many Casino Operators

Jason Peters, KGM’s president and chief executive officer, commented on the agreement with Zitro. He noted that the integration represents an important opportunity for his team.

We are excited to add the Zitro portfolio of games to KGM’s catalogue of products and we appreciate the opportunity presented.

Jason Peters, CEO, KGM

Peters added that he is certain this partnership will greatly benefit both parties involved and all of KGM’s partnering operators.

Derik Mooberry, Zitro USA’s chief executive officer, also voiced his thoughts on the agreement. He praised KGM for its extensive reach in the markets covered by the deal. Mooberry emphasized that Zitro will leverage KGM’s footprint and existing sales and service networks.

Zitro USA’s CEO added that his team is proud to be working with KGM. He said that the latter company shares the same values and commitments to providing high-quality, innovative gaming products as Zitro.

Mooberry concluded that he is certain the agreement will be a great opportunity for Zitro to expand its US reach.

We are confident this partnership will provide a great opportunity for us to bring our products to new customers and further expand our business in these key markets.

Derik Mooberry, CEO, Zitro USA

In other news, Zitro just announced that it has made significant progress on its environmental goal to reduce its carbon footprint. The company’s ongoing sustainability commitment has seen it invest in efficient and eco-friendly offices and renewable energy. Thanks to this, its 2021 carbon footprint has now been reduced by an impressive 50%.


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