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Cirsa Casinos in Mexico Introduced Zitro’s Mega King

Engaging mechanics, scalable progressives, eye-catching graphics and premium sound guarantee an outstanding gaming experience

Spanish casino and entertainment operator Cirsa announced it has introduced the Mega King game at its casinos in Mexico to deepen its partnership with Zitro.

Engaging Game Features

The addition of Zitro’s Mega King to Cirsa’s Mexican casinos will provide extra lure to the local punter as the game is popular with features such as scalable progressives which imply that the more you bet, the bigger jackpot one can get, as well as “Energy Boost,” offering a higher frequency of prizes and access to the bonus jackpot.

Juan David Baracaldo, product director at Cirsa Mexico, hailed the quality brought by the Mega King game to Cirsa casino players in Mexico in his comments, outlining its “engaging mechanics, scalable progressives, eye-catching graphics and premium soundtrack, which contribute to an outstanding gaming experience.”

“Zitro, as always, brings together all the aspects to ensure a profitable operation and maximum entertainment,” Baracaldo concluded.

Zitro founder Johnny Ortiz Viveiros was thrilled to see the company’s popular title offered to players in Mexico via “emblematic casino venues all over the world” such as Cirsa casinos.

“… the fact that it has made this important bet on our successful Mega King in Mexico fills us with pride,” Viveiros added in regard to Cirsa’s choice to introduce the game at its popular casinos in the Latin American country.

Expansion in Mexico and Latin America

Cirsa Mexico is the latest casino operator in Mexico to introduce the popular game launched by Zitro in November last year. In December, Zitro brought Mega King to Winpot, Grupo Caliente and Big Bola Casinos, alongside between 120 and 180 gaming cabinets.

In September, Zitro teamed with Cirsa Mexico to introduce 300 of its new GLARE cabinets across the operator’s casinos and bring the total amount of bingo and slot machines in operation at Cirsa properties in the country to 950.

More than 100 of the new cabinets installed at Cirsa casinos in the Latin American country were of the premium Altius GLARE, featuring intelligent LED halo and large 55″ screens, and offering the gaming industry’s best 4K graphics on high resolution 27″ Full HD screens.

Besides Mexico, Zitro is quite active in Argentina where the gaming and equipment supplier reached an agreement with Grupo Bold to install 160 gaming machines at the group’s land-based casinos, including The Santa Fe, Trilenium, Tandil, del Mar and Melincué casinos, as well as launch some of its proven performance games such as Mega King, 88 Link, Link King, Link Me and others.

Also in December, Zitro expanded its presence in Argentina with an agreement with Grupo Slots to bring its Wheel of Legends, 88 Link, Link King, Link Me, and other game titles featured on the Altius Glare, Allure Glare and Fusion Glare to the group’s Golden Palace, Tropicana, New York and Golden Plaza casinos.

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