March 10, 2023 2 min read


Zitro Delivers on Its Ambitious Environmental Goal

The supplier of video bingo, slots and online gaming casino system has been on a crusade to significantly reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint – it has now succeeded

In 2021, the company said that it would seek to reduce its carbon footprint by 80% at the very least, following up on that ambitious target throughout the past years. Now, the company claims that it has well exceeded its original targets.

For a Greener and Sustainable Future of the Gambling Industry

According to Zitro, this was possible through investment in IT equipment as well as a focus on creating more efficient and eco-friendly offices. Zitro scored additional green points by making a shift towards renewable energy, with the Barcelona technology campus now fully powered by such energy sources.

Zitro has obtained an ISO 14064-1 certification, effectively setting a golden standard for the entire industry to follow and aspire to. A sustainable future would give the company more leeway in rolling out its content as well as focus on significantly scaling its product offer with a minimum environmental impact.

Commenting on this achievement, Johnny Viveiros, Zitro’s founder, said that the company was very proud of having achieved the certification and looked forward to further reducing Zitro’s impact on the environment. “We will continue to invest in sustainable practices to ensure that we meet our goals and lead by example in the industry,” Ortiz concluded.

Companies have been looking to actively reduce their impact on the environment. Apart from Zitro, Entain, Kindred Group, Caesars Entertainment, and a number of other prominent gambling industry stakeholders have vowed to slash their carbon footprint and encourage greener policies as part of their corporate structures.

The UK’s racing industry was of a similar mind, embarking on a plan of its own to achieve better environmental sustainability.


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