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Kazuo Okada Was Arrested Upon His Return to Manila

Japanese businessman Kazuo Okada has been arrested upon his arrival in the Philippines. The reason was the businessman’s prior involvement in the controversial Okada Manila takeover.

Okada Was Arrested Soon after Landing

Yesterday, Okada announced that he returned to Manila, despite his lawyers advising him on the contrary. The magnate believed he has nothing to fear as he is the just one. It turns out that the businessman was arrested after all.

Okada boarded Japanese Airlines flight JL 77 and returned to Manila this Monday. The local police detained the businessman upon his arrival in the Philippines. According to official information, Okada was arrested at 5:40 am.

The businessman later posted bail and was released. Following his release, Okada issued a bold statement where he vowed to not give in to pressure from his opponents. Okada noted that nothing will prevent him from serving as TRLEI’s chair, despite his enemies’ best efforts to chase him out.

The businessman revealed that his lawyers warned him not to risk returning to the Philippines but he did return anyways to show the Filipino people and the world that he is not afraid.

I came back to face this ‘grave coercion’ charge against me and my associates. I have nothing to fear when I know I am standing on the right side of the law.

Kazuo Okada statement

Okada is sure that the ongoing legal processes will eventually clear the charges against him and his associates. He noted that some of the charges have already been proven to be false, including charges of kidnapping, unjust vexation, falsification of documents, assault, physical injuries and illegal detention.  

The Okada Manila Saga Continues

The whole Okada Manila saga started this spring when a status quo ante order restored Kazuo Okada as chairman of Okada Manila. Following that, the businessman forcefully took over the venue he was once expelled from.

Okada’s takeover of Okada Manila became the subject of a heated legal battle. Eventually, local authorities reinstated a Tiger Resorts Leisure and Entertainment board and helped Byron Yip return as the chief executive of the resort.

Following that, the authorities ordered the arrest of Kazuo Okada and his associates. However, this wouldn’t be the end of this saga. Following Okada’s release on bail, the businessman is bullish on continuing his battle to return his namesake resort under his control.


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