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Jackpocket Awarded Sixth $1m Lottery Prize in New York

Lottery ticket-selling app Jackpocket awarded another million lottery prize: a 26-year-old nursing student in Brooklyn won $1 million after purchasing $10 of Cash4Life lottery tickets.

She Could Not Believe Her Luck

The announcement made by Jackpocket marked the third-party lottery ticket-selling app’s sixth millionaire winner in New York. The nursing student won the $1,000 a week for life prize totaling a minimum of $1 million in the July 6 drawing after her Quick Picks matched the first 5 numbers drawn.

Playing for the first time Cash4Life, she neither realized that she had won nor checked automated emails from Jackpocket notifying her of her million winnings and could not believe her luck when she finally received the call.

Explaining how she freaked out when she got the call from Jackpocket and then checked her ticket on the app, the first thing she did straight away was to call her mom and tell her the news. The student’s mom could not believe her daughter’s luck either, advising her to make sure that the winning was not some type of scam.

“I feel like I’ve got a lot of luck in my life but winning this was a whole new world to me,” she said.

Spending the Money Wisely and Investing

The money will go towards clearing her education debt and the tuition tax for her last year of studies at the nursing school, she explained while sharing her plans to become a nurse practitioner at a local hospital and then transition to an anesthetist.

“It’s going to wipe my bill and slate clean,” she said, “and I can make this grow bigger than what I actually won if I invest it the right way,” she added contemplating ways to increase its value by investing for the future.

The 26-year-old student, who is one of six Jackpocket players in New York to win a seven-digit prize, also wants to use part of the money to help her family.

Including the six million winners, the innovative ticket-selling app has awarded in New York over 405,000 winners totaling over $65 million in prize money since the app’s launch in 2021, while over $175 million in lottery prizes have been distributed to more than 1.1 million winning lottery players on the app nationwide.

Earlier in August, Jackpocket published its second quarter 2022 financial results pointing to the strong uptake in its digital lottery projects across the 12 states the app is operational.

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