August 18, 2022 3 min read

Jackpocket Sees Uptake in Digital Lottery Products in Q2 2022

Leading lottery app in the United States, Jackpocket, has revealed its latest numbers for the second quarter of the year. The company covered metrics such as market penetration, lottery ticket sales, and more during the reported period ended on June 30. Digital lottery play has significantly increased over the period, the company said, noting that it has observed strong uptake in performance across the 12 states where it operates in.

Jackpocket Says Digital Continues to Dominate Lottery Attitudes

New York, Texas and New Jersey have all been important parts of Jackpocket’s strategy and long-term growth pursuit. Commenting on the quarterly performance, Jackpocket founder and CEO Peter Sullivan said that the company’s Mega Millions & Powerball market share has seen overall increase in all state where the company is active. This trend is likely to continue, Sullivan noted, and added:

Digital convenience is paramount for people these days, and Jackpocket is proud to provide a solution for existing lottery players and to introduce new players to this beloved form of entertainment.

Jackpocket founder and CEO Peter Sullivan

He is correct in his surmise as mobile and digital have been key drivers of engagement with lotteries, forcing companies to quickly adapt to these new market realities. Jackpocket tied its quarterly reporting to some interesting factoids about the numbers that people picked, and the numbers that ended up on the draws. Across the United States, 7, 11 and 3 remained the favorite numbers, second only to 9.

The Mega Ball and Powerball numbers saw 13, 7 and 8 as the most frequent ones. The number of women playing the lottery in the second quarter of 2022 fell a bit to 41.3% of the total compared to 42.5% during the first quarter of the year.

Jackpocket Works Actively on Establishing Local Footprint

Men playing the lottery inched up, understandably, to 58.7% of the total. Jackpocket has made consistent efforts to establish its footprint. The company teamed up with ESPN in New York and also sought closer partnership with MLB’s New York Mets. The company successfully launched in Montana in early July, adding more milestones underway during the third quarter.

The report revealed other interesting numbers for the second quarter. For example, 42% of players used the Quick Pick option to select their numbers automatically. The remainder 58% preferred to manually select their own numbers.

Out of all winners, 31% had used the Quick Pick option with 69% of the winners having chosen their own numbers as well. New York also topped the charts in terms of digital lottery total spent whereas Ohio saw the biggest grow in annual digital lottery growth.


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