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IWG, Virginia Lottery Launch eDraw Game Lotto Virginia

The new game is perfect for the lottery’s content acquisition strategy and its ambition to introduce draw game players to eInstant games, an IWG spokesperson said

Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a top-tier supplier of eInstant games, powering NASPL/WLA-member lotteries with content, has helped the Virginia Lottery introduce a new game. The new title is called Lotto Virginia and is described as the first on-demand, digital-only lottery game with a progressive jackpot in the United States.

Lotto Virginia pairs classic lotto mechanics with a jackpot top prize to provide consumers with thrilling gaming experiences. It is designed to have a nostalgic atmosphere while answering customers’ demands for digitalization. This is in line with the lottery’s ongoing digitalization strategy.

The gameplay of Lotto Virginia is a 6/42 draw matrix. Virginians can purchase up to four tickets for each draw, providing them with four chances to win the top jackpot prize. To do so, players have to match all six numbers.

The digital Lotto Virginia will succeed the retail Lotto Virginia game, which the Virginia Lottery used to offer. The two games are very similar in style, attesting to the appeal of this offering.

To make Lotto Virginia even more unique, the Virginia Lottery will leverage IWG’s progressive jackpot engine. The solution has been deployed in over 75 eInstant games over the past two years, highlighting the appeal of such titles.

Finally, it is worth noting that Lotto Virginia and its InstantJackpot prizing are entirely integrated within IWG’s InstantRGS, allowing the Virginia Lottery to launch the game without the need for any development assistance.

The Game Will Help the Lottery Acquire New Customers

The Virginia Lottery’s strategic games manager, Scott Kenyon, commented on the new launch, praising its “Lotto potential.” He also noted that the new game is perfect for the lottery’s content acquisition strategy and its ambition to introduce draw game players to eInstant games.

Whenever one of our draw games has a jackpot run, we see a surge in new iLottery registrations. Now we can offer these players a familiar playstyle and brand, but in a digital-only eInstant format.

Scott Kenyon, strategic games manager, Virginia Lottery

Kenyon said that the new addition is a natural next step for the company’s iLottery product mix. He concluded that he cannot wait to see how players react to the new title.

Meanwhile, Jason Lisiecki, IWG’s vice president of North America, praised the Virginia Lottery for its desire to innovate. He noted that an on-demand draw game with a progressive jackpot grand prize is exactly what the lottery needs to attract new players.

I’m thrilled about this launch, as it appeals to a traditional lotto audience and showcases the wide capabilities of our progressive jackpot game lineup.

Jason Lisiecki, VP NA, IWG

In March, IWG rolled out more content with the Kentucky Lottery.


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