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Gambling Ads Trial on TikTok for Australia Expands

The popular social media platform, TikTok, expands its gambling trial in Australia, a new report reveals

TikTok users can enjoy different content from creators around the world. Given that the social media app has a billion downloads, it is likely that it has a staggering number of videos and its popularity has been continuously growing in the last few years. But while some enjoy funny videos or other engaging content from their favorite content creators, some users in Australia will be able to see more gambling ads, after TikTok has quietly expanded its gambling program.

As reported by The Guardian, users in the country may see new gambling ads, despite the criticism the social media platform met when it first announced its gambling trial. A spokesperson for the company explained that the new gambling ads seek a target audience that is within the legal age, or 21 years or more.

Additionally, the spokesperson said that TikTok users can unsubscribe from gambling ads and that such content is triggered at specific time intervals. “We are also continuing to monitor the ads to ensure that all users have a safe experience,” confirmed the spokesperson for TikTok.

Advertisements are targeted at those aged 21 years and over, there is a frequency cap at which the ads are shown, and there is an opt out feature for those who do not wish to see the ads,

explained a spokesperson for TikTok

More Gambling Ads to Appear for TikTok Users in the Country

Reportedly, TikTok’s gambling trial in Australia has been expanded to include Dabble and Neds, two popular gambling companies. Dane Swan, a former AFL star, teamed up with Dabble to create new content for TikTok. On the other hand, Neds’ TikTok ads reportedly encourage users to download the company’s gambling app.

The news about the expanded gambling ads trial in Australia came after last year, TikTok was criticized for changing its policies related to gambling. Back in November, the company unveiled changes to its gambling policies, introducing a gambling ads pilot for customers in the country. Then, earlier this year, the Australian online gambling operator, Sportsbet, was the first to participate in the gambling ads trial in what TikTok explained was a “closed pilot for sports betting.”

The expanded gambling ads trial comes at a time when NSW seeks to protect customers from gambling harm by banning external gambling signs. Announced last week, lawmakers in the state revealed that they plan to remove external signs such as VIP Lounges, which for years have evaded the law for direct gambling advertising.


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