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Checkd Group’s Betting App FlashPicks Arrives for North America

The launch of the innovative app which integrates data from major operators such as FanDuel and DraftKings comes on the heels of the success Checkd enjoyed with its FlashPicks brand

The leading iGaming business, Checkd Group, announced the launch of the FlashPicks app for customers in North America. On Monday, the company confirmed it introduced the app that enables sports fans and bettors alike to benefit from making informed betting decisions. The new app leverages innovative technology and is user-friendly.

Checkd Group explained that the new app is based on the success of the popular Betting Hub in the UK. Essentially, the new FlashPicks app offers pre-match betting odds from the most popular sportsbooks in North America, including DraftKings, FanDuel, bet365, Caesars, BetMGM as well as PointsBet.

All of the betting odds are “incorporated within the app, with users able to select the best available odds and lines for their chosen selections,” explained Checkd Group. According to Checkd Group, sports bettors interested in the app in all US states where betting is legal, as well as in Ontario, Canada, can download it.

The app enables customers to tap into real-time notifications and receive instant match updates for famous sports leagues such as the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL, among others. Moreover, FlashPicks complements the success of the FlashPicks brand, which launched just over a year ago.

The FlashPicks brand has seen tremendous success since its launch 14 months ago. The brand has recorded more than 900,000 unique visitors which generated 2.5 million sessions. This resulted in organic traffic on social media of more than 10 million impressions on average per month.

The Launch Represents a Major Landmark for Checkd Group

Callum Broxton, Checkd’s head of US operations, explained that the company continues to expand in North America. He outlined that the North American sports betting market is incredibly important as it holds significant potential.

Broxton noted that ever since Checkd launched the FlashPicks brand, an increase in profit was observed on a monthly basis. He predicted that this process will continue as more states legalize sports betting. Finally, Broxton said: “The launch of the FlashPicks app is a major landmark for us and it’s a development we are all very excited about.”

We are making great progress across North America, which contains a fast-growing sports betting market that we consider to be very important strategically.

Callum Broxton, head of US operations at Checkd Group

Adam Patton, Checkd Dev MD, also acknowledged the success of the FlashPicks brand. He pointed out that the development of an app that resembles the style of the famous Betting Hub in the UK was the “logical next step.” In conclusion, Patton said that the new FlashPicks app delivers unique information, allowing sports bettors to make informed decisions.


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