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Incognia Throws Its Hat In as Geolocation Compliance Specialist in US

The demand for more location identity specialists and geolocation experts has been growing in the United States, with a new company emerging in the iGaming sector

Incognia will now compete with heavyweights such as GeoComply and Xpoint, both of which have been scaling their offer rapidly across the North American market in a bid to ensure that consumers and businesses are protected.

New Compliance Specialist Soon to Enter the iGaming NA Market

This ambitious market entry for the company, which operates out of California, means that Incognia is determined to throw its hat in the ring and deliver the type of solutions that will help gaming operators in North America detect fraudulent betting attempts.

The main priority for Incognia is “geo-fencing” which basically means that the company will focus on helping companies not mistakenly accept wagers from bettors who are based outside of a regulated state’s borders. Commenting on the launch of the new company, company CEO André Ferraz offered an outlook of what partners could expect and the importance of geolocation technology in general:

We are thrilled to bring several decades of combined experience building location technology to the growing US iGaming and Sports Wagering market. In addition to providing a more precise and resourceful geolocation compliance solution, we look forward to arming operators with a proactive fraud prevention signal that automates the use of location data and greatly reduces the need for manual fraud investigations.

Incognia André Ferraz

Incognia however is no small company by any means. It already helps protect more than 200 million devices worldwide, and although it has no gaming contracts with iGaming operators in the United States or Canada, there is no shortage of opportunities to break ground into the market as well.

Geolocation companies are there to ensure that licensed operators offer a product that is safe and reliable, and above all else, one that complies with state regulations breaching of which can have debilitating consequences on financial performance and even lead to revocation of licensure.

A geolocation company is actually not just a sop to the regulator, it also serves a number of good purposes that protect consumers as well as businesses. Incognia can provide services such as protection against identity theft, bonus abuse, collusion, the usage of VPNs to place out-of-state wagers, and more.

Incognia is a GLI-certified company that is ready to take on the fast-developing iGaming and sports betting market in the United States and North America.


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