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GeoComply Acquires OneComply in a Major Deal

By adding OneComply to its portfolio, GeoComply will help its customers maintain a gold standard in compliance and risk services

Geolocation specialist GeoComply has unveiled a new acquisition that will strengthen its business. According to the announcement, the company acquired OneComply, a supplier of comprehensive solutions that help gambling operators in regulated jurisdictions manage their obligations.

Modern iGaming is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape that may be very difficult for companies to navigate. Each region has its own specific set of rules and as more and more markets regulate online gaming, remaining compliant becomes an increasingly hard task.

Luckily, OneComply’s platform provides companies with everything they need to ensure that they follow the rules. Thanks to the company’s solutions, operators can automate compliance, saving time and resources and preventing potential fines.

GeoComply has already used OneComply’s services and is well aware of the platform’s benefits and strengths. By acquiring OneComply, GeoComply will be able to provide the compliance specialist’s varied set of tools and solutions to its customers. OneComply’s portfolio includes a plethora of tools, covering the entire licensing process, from application to ongoing compliance management.

GeoComply Welcomed OneComply to the Family

GeoComply, which serves many companies in the gaming and financial technology sectors and beyond, is very happy with its new acquisition. Anna Sainsbury, chief executive officer of GeoComply, said that all previous interactions with OneComply have been positive. Because of that, the geolocation expert is excited to welcome its new subsidiary to the GeoComply family.

Licensing organizations and key individuals is necessary but can be a painful process for any entity working in regulated industries such as gaming or fintech. As an existing OneComply customer, we know just how much OneComply eases that pain, not just for us but also for the regulators administering the process.

Anna Sainsbury, CEO, GeoComply

Sainsbury noted that the inclusion of OneComply’s licensing platform in GeoComply’s portfolio will allow the latter company to help its customers maintain a gold standard in compliance and risk services.

She concluded that OneComply’s vast knowledge of regulatory matters will complement GeoComply’s geolocation savvy, helping the two companies meet the needs of the gambling sector and other regulated industries.

Cameron Conn, co-founder and chief executive officer of OneComply, also voiced his thoughts on the M&A deal. He admitted that GeoComply has always been an inspiration to him and Aaron Gould, OneComply’s other founder. As a result, the two of them are “super excited” about joining the broader GeoComply team.

I am sure that together we will amplify and enhance our world-class compliance and licensing solutions for regulated industries around the globe.

Cameron Conn, co-founder & CEO, OneComply

GeoComply and OneComply did not make the financial aspect of their deal public.


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