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Entain Updates Board, Adds Two Committees

The newly-introduced changes will further diversify the company’s board, Entain’s chair Barry Gibsion said.

Gambling giant Entain has announced major changes to its board of directors. The company will form two new committees that will bolster the board’s effectiveness and sustainability.

About the People & Governance Committee

One of the two new committees is the People & Governance Committee which will be responsible for reviewing workforce policies and practices and monitoring whether they are in line with the company’s purpose, strategy and values.

In addition to that, the new committee will lead the process for appointments to the board and will oversee and ensure effective succession to the board and leadership team, while taking Entain’s diversity targets in mind.

The committee will ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for the training and evaluation of directors and will review developments in the regulatory landscape.

Entain’s People & Governance Committee will be chaired by Stella David and will include Barry Gibson and Virginia McDowell as well. It will incorporate the responsibilities of the Nomination Committee which is being disbanded.

About the Sustainability & Compliance Committee

Entain’s second new committee is the Sustainability & Compliance Committee. Formerly known as the Environmental, Social and Governance Committee, it will provide oversight of the company’s Sustainability and Compliance program.

In addition to that, the committee will oversee the efficient management of Entain’s relationship with its varied stakeholders. Furthermore, it will monitor progress against internal key performance indicators and external Sustainability and Compliance index results.

Stella David is stepping down from this new committee as she will serve as the chair of the People & Governance Committee. Instead, the Sustainability & Compliance Committee will be chaired by Virginia McDowell and will also sport David Satz and Rahul Welde.

Entain’s Success Is Driven by Its Employees

Barry Gibson, chairman of Entain’s board, commented on the new development. He said that the gambling juggernaut owes its tremendous success to the capable people working for it. The newly-introduced changes, according to Gibson, will further diversify the company’s board with more talented people.

They are also yet another example of our relentless focus on sustainability, and of our commitment to being a best-in-class, responsible operator with leading levels of corporate governance running through all aspects of our business.

Barry Gibson, chair, Entain

In addition to the two new committees, Entain’s board is comprised of a Remuneration Committee and an Audit Committee. The former is chaired by Stella David and also includes Virginia McDowell and Rahul Welde. The Audit Committee, on the other hand, is chaired by Pierre Bouchut and includes David Satz and Rahul Welde as well.


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