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IGT to Develop Salon Gambling Experience in Spain with Orenes Grupo

International Game Technology (IGT) makes another bid for the Spanish market through one of its local subsidiaries, the IGT Europe Gaming B.V. As a result, the company has launched the Spanish Amusement with Prize (AWP) for salons subsector which will deliver on a range of experiences that are optimized for the Spanish market and the specific preferences of consumers in said market.

Boosting Distribution Capabilities Through Orenes Grupo

The local subsidiary is also teaming up with Orenes Grupo to guarantee the distribution of gaming experiences across the country. The company is praised as the leader in the salons market in Spain and the leading gaming machine distribution company, IGT said in a statement, commending Orenes Grupo as a trusted partner.

The first experience that will be delivered on the market is the Magic Fortune Link, a progressive jackpot that is linked across numerous properties and machines in order to generate even bigger prize pools for people interested in playing these games. Commenting on the release, IGT SVP – EMEA Gaming Mark MacCombie said:

“IGT is well-positioned to serve salons customers in Spain by supplying our market-attuned games through our exclusive distributor, Orenes Grupo.”

IGT SVP – EMEA Gaming Mark MacCombie

MacCombie is confident that IGT has chosen to introduce the right first product on the Spanish market, citing Magic Fortune Link and the immense success the company achieved.

Orenes will play an essential role in this further success and the company’s efforts of growing its footprint in the sector. MacCombie is similarly confident that Spanish salons operator can benefit from the most recent partnership. He further added:

“By combining our local account team’s dedication and expertise with Orenes’ 50 years of business experience and growing footprint in this market, we can help Spanish salons operators achieve excellent outcomes.”

IGT SVP – EMEA Gaming Mark MacCombie

Vibrant Market for Salons and Gambling Halls in Spain

Presently, the Spanish market runs and operates at least 3,000 gaming and bingo halls that can benefit from the actualization of their product base and gaming variety. Salons can run head-to-head with casinos and compete for customers by offering coveted products in a more tailored environment.

Orenes Grupo director of distribution and sales José Quereda welcomed the partnership with IGT, praising the top-performing products and content created to suit the needs of local players. Quereda added:

“Magic Fortune Link has proven to engage Spanish players with its entertaining, regionally-attuned game mechanics, and represents the first of what we expect will be many high-performance IGT installations at salons across Spain.”

Orenes Grupo director of distribution and sales José Quereda

Spaniards are keen gamblers who love the salon gambling experience. With IGT and Orenes’ help, they will now enjoy much better products in their local market.


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