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IGT Generated $4.84B of Direct Economic Value in 2019

Gaming solution provider International Game Technology (IGT) released its latest sustainability report, to highlight its efforts to support the industry, the communities and the environment. IGT quantified the economic value from its products and services for 2019 to the amount of $4.84 billion.

The report stated that both the direct economic value and the economic impact from the company’s business on third parties was down compared to the previous year, 32.6% for the direct activities and 0.9% for the indirect economic value created to third parties, which accounted for $4.63 billion.

Value for All Stakeholders

IGT created value to suppliers to the amount of $2.8 billion, slightly up from 2018, 0.2%, while the value created to IGT’s employees, $1.15 billion, was down 1.5%. Another $264.9 million were allocated to value created to the government, down 3.3% compared to the prior year number.

IGT’s ability to create value for all stakeholders was down to the company’s product range, Marco Sala, CEO of IGT, noted in the sustainability report. IGT’s chief executive reiterated the company’s business model was built around the engagement of players through the promise to deliver unrivalled gaming experience to customers.

“Our promise to our customers is to deliver unrivalled gaming experiences that engage players and drive growth. Our financial value stems from the quality, diligence and discipline we deliver to our stakeholders.”

Marco Sala, CEO, IGT

Workplace Diversity and Training

In terms of gender diversity, IGT noted its workforce was split 68.8% to 31.2% male and female employees, respectively. The technology provider outlined the gap between males and females is larger only in regards to more senior positions, where among 651 senior management staff only 24.4% were women. In 2019, from all 1,328 new hires for the company, 64.1% were male, IGT noted in the report.

IGT showed its support to its employees, having administered more than 87,000 hours of training, an average of 7.36 hours per employee. With regards to level positions, IGT gave the most training to its middle management staff who received an average of 16.37 hours per member of staff.

Environmental Impact

During 2019, IGT  continued  with its efforts  to  reduce  CO2  emissions  and  waste by increasing recycling  efforts  at  its  Reno manufacturing facility, implementing efficient lighting schedules to save energy at the Las Vegas campus, and successfully lowering emissions for Lottomatica in Italy by using remote troubleshooting for point of sale terminals. IGT reported its overall environmental impact fell, with its adjusted waste declining by 9.2% to 1,603 tons, and its adjusted energy usage down 2.1% to 855,624 Gigajoules.

Responsible Gaming

IGT reported its comprehensive responsible gaming program continued to be implemented with the integration of features and capabilities to promote safer gambling and prevent underage play. IGT’s achievements in player protection were recognized by the certifications it received from the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4).

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