iGaming Revenue in Five US States Decreases in June 2021

Gambling regulators in five US states have indicated that iGaming revenue last month has decreased. While in Michigan and New Jersey, a small decrease is observed, this is not the case for Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware.

June 2021: Online Gambling Revenue Soars

Online gambling activities have been driving the US market forward before and after the COVID-related closures and in-person restrictions. There are currently five US states that offer online gambling activities. Those are New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

With that in mind, all five states marked a decrease in online gambling revenue in June when compared to May. Cumulatively, the five states have hit $289 million in gambling revenue, which marks a 6.4% decrease compared to the $309 million raised in May.

iGaming Revenue in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware Drops in June

Internet gambling activities in Pennsylvania hit $88.9 million last month, according to data released by the regulator. Compared to June 2020, this marks an increase, considering that back then, iGaming revenue in Pennsylvania halted at $50.1 million. However, a month-on-month comparison shows that revenue in June plummeted by 12.2% when compared to May, when it hit $101.3 million.

Focusing on West Virginia, we do see a similar pattern, where iGaming revenue reached $3.9 million in June, according to Play WV. A month-on-month comparison shows that iGaming revenue in June decreased by 9.3% when compared to May, when it hit $4.3 million.

Delaware was another US state that indicated a decrease in iGaming revenue last month. Numbers released by the local regulator show that iGaming revenue last month halted at $843,117. Here, we observe yet another decrease when compared to May this year. In May, iGaming revenue in Delaware hit $910,282, which means that in June, revenue decreased by 7.4%.

Online Gambling Revenue in Michigan and New Jersey Decreases

Although a decrease in iGaming revenue was observed in Michigan as well, it wasn’t as big as the ones in the first three states. The regulator in the state has announced that iGaming revenue in June hit $89.2 million. Compared to May of this year, when the iGaming revenue hit $94.9 million last month, a decrease of 6% was observed.

In contrast, the smallest decrease in iGaming revenue in June from all five states was observed in New Jersey. Online gambling activities raised $107.1 million in revenue last month. Compared to May when revenue hit $108.2 million, there was a small 1.1% decrease. However, in a year-on-year comparison for June, there was a significant increase of 26.1%, considering that iGaming revenue in June 2020 halted at $84.9 million, according to the regulator.

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