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Hashing It Out Ep 7: Can Casinos Use BSV and AR Technology for Marketing?

In episode seven of Hashing It Out, Transmira founder Robert Rice reveals what benefits augmented reality, together with Bitcoin SV technology, may bring for casino operators. Rice acknowledges the importance of BSV’s high scalability. Furthermore, he predicts that augmented reality (AR) may be used in the future for marketing campaigns, as well as bridging the gap between online and land-based casinos.

Hashing It Out Ep 7 Is Now Out

Robert Rice, the founder of Transmira and developer of Omniscape, is the latest participant of Calvin Ayre’s Hashing It Out show. The seventh episode of the show, with host Becky Liggero Fontana, aired on CoinGeek this past Monday. In the previous episodes of the show, industry experts have revealed what opportunities for the iGaming industry a Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet app can bring. Furthermore, last month, Nick Hill, an iGaming consultant and industry veteran, revealed how operators can benefit from blockchain.

Now, Rice acknowledged the benefits of using BSV blockchain and what makes the platform better than other blockchain platforms. He also revealed how his innovative company has been growing with the help of blockchain technology. Rice additionally unveiled how land-based gaming venues can use innovative technology to “bridge the gap between online and land-based gaming.

BSV Offers Incredible Scaling Possibilities

In his interview with Ms. Fontana, Rice said that before choosing a blockchain, he sought to answer four questions. He questioned if the platform fits his needs, how expensive it is, if it is fast enough and what are its scaling possibilities. Based on those factors, Rice found out that BSV blockchain was the perfect fit for him. Besides speed, BSV offers incredible scaling capabilities and its transaction fees are “negligible,” explained Rice.

I’m literally trying to put the entire bloody planet on blockchain.

Robert Rice, founder, Transmira

In his opinion, serious businessmen cannot use a platform different than BSV. Rice pointed out that one of the main reasons for that is the impressive scalability options. While other platforms such as Ethereum may work quickly and bring “a little bit of money,” its scalability is not near what BSV can offer, he explains.

Transmira: A Marketing and Advertising Company Using Blockchain Technology

Besides acknowledging BSV’s scalability, Rice shared exciting details about Transmira. He stressed that, although the company is running blockchain technology in the background, the innovative company is essentially a marketing and advertising firm and not a “crypto company building crypto things.”

We are not a crypto company building crypto things for crypto people and crypto fans,

said Rice regarding Transmira

Furthermore, he deemed blockchain an “enabling technology” that allowed the company to do things that were otherwise incredibly “difficult to do or figure out how to handle.” Rice said that blockchain technology proved to be especially useful when it comes to safeguarding from copyrights or frauds, revealing that each of the company’s NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be tracked via blockchain. Rice explained that this presents a historical record for NFTs, indicating where they came from or who was the previous owner.

AR Brings Incredible Marketing Opportunities

According to Rice, land-based gambling venues and other retails can use NFTs as an innovative marketing tool. He explained that the NFTs are “designed to reach people where they are, engage them and get them to go somewhere to redeem or exchange.” Furthermore, Rice said that he and his team are currently working on two technologies that may bring significant benefits for casinos that are using them.

With the help of AR, businesses can create branded items such as 3D poker chips. Then, that item can be placed at any region via geolocation where a target audience may reside. Rice explained that process as placing the “content where your ideal customer is and attract them.”

You’re now creating this fun experience that really gives somebody a sense of presence and actually being there—what is it really like here, what does it look like—help them familiarize themselves with it,

explained Rice

While the first functionality sounds interesting and reminds vaguely of an app used for “hunting” Pokémons that was popular several years ago, the second functionality takes things to a whole new level. Here, Rice explained that the second technology which may bring significant benefits for the industry is combining NFTs with “digital twins.

A digital twin is an immersive 3D environment corresponding to an entire hotel or casino. Customers can explore that environment with friends at the same time and interact with games, for example. Furthermore, Rice suggested that those games can be linked to a normal website, which really takes online casino entertainment to a new level.

Technology Is the Future

Undoubtedly, the future of many industries, including the gambling industry, is destined to meet the continuously advancing technology. It is precisely the type of technology that will likely bridge the gap between online and land-based gambling venues. On that point, Rice said that now is the right time for gambling operators to hire creative people, back them up with a budget and let them “do something amazing” to make more money with the help of innovative technology.


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