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IBIA Confirms Plans to Expand Brazilian-Facing Operations

The strategic expansion comes amid the ongoing growth of the sports betting market in Brazil and plans for regulation of the sector by the government

The leading industry-led sports integrity organization that represents more than 120 licensed sports betting brands around the world, the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), announced it expanded its Brazil-facing operations. Confirmation about the latest strategic move emerged Tuesday and sees the Association expand its established presence in the country to help combat match-fixing attempts and ensure the integrity of sports.

IBIA confirmed that its members currently cover an estimated 60% of the remote gambling market in Brazil. However, the expansion comes at an important moment, considering that the government in the country plans regulation for the sports betting market.

Citing data from H2 Gambling Capital, the trusted source of data and intelligence, IBIA said that between 2021 and 2022, the sports betting market in Brazil has grown by 44% to $940 million in gross gambling revenue (GGR). Additionally, further growth of the market is anticipated, based on H2 Gambling Capital data that predicts GGR for the sports betting market to hit $1.86 billion by 2027, representing an increase of 105%.

Expanding its presence in Brazil, IBIA vowed to collaborate with law enforcement, regulators and sports organizations. Such collaborations are aimed at helping investigate, identify and prosecute people involved in match-fixing or similar threats to the integrity of sports. Providing data, the Association can help easily identify suspicious betting which may be linked to possible match-fixing offenses.

The Association to Play a Key Role in the Fight against Match-Fixing

Khalid Ali, IBIA’s CEO, addressed the efforts by the government in Brazil to regulate sports betting. He welcomed those efforts and acknowledged that they represent an important positive step in the process.

Ali spoke about the results of a betting market study from 2021 which unveiled that a “balanced and efficient sports betting regulation is part of the solution to sports betting related match-fixing.” He added that by expanding its presence, IBIA will collaborate with different policymakers and authorities to help the fight against match-fixing.

What sets IBIA apart from commercial monitoring systems is the ability to track transactional activity linked to individual consumer accounts rather than analyzing simple odds movements.

Khalid Ali, CEO at IBIA

The Association’s CEO said that its monitoring system differentiates from commercial monitoring solutions. This is because it has the ability to track activities to different consumer accounts rather than focusing on “odds movements.”

According to Ali, this unique data can only be accessed by IBIA. Finally, the CEO said that the Association represents the most effective and in fact largest sports betting monitoring network in the world that covers more than $137 billion in annual turnover.


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