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HITSqwad CEO Charl Geyser: “Jackpot Innovation Is Our Single Most Important Goal”

HITSqwad is a new iGaming developer that has decided to challenge the jackpot vertical and deliver a portfolio of hard-hitting games that will change the industry paradigm and bring new experiences to customers.

Slated for launch in Q4 2021, these games are still under development, but HITSqwad is moving quickly to start its push from a strong position. A recent partnership with game aggregator Playzido will allow the studio to reach thousands of potential players.

Playzido will assist HITSqwad in customizing its offer and quickly meet individual market specifications. The end goal for HITSqwad is to bring forward new gaming experiences that are the result of a blend of maths, psychology, art, and sound.

As excitement for HITSqwad’s forthcoming titles grows, we had the opportunity to speak with company CEO Charl Geyser to learn more about what the up-and-coming developer has to offer iGaming.

Q: A lot of this is still under tight wraps, but what is new about the HITSqwad jackpot experience? Are you going to focus on progressives or fixed jackpots, or something entirely new?

A: Our intention is to be able to use our jackpot technology and proprietary engine across any online gaming vertical, including slots, table games, sports betting, or social, and utilizing both progressive and mystery jackpots with a whole host of trigger and payout types. We have also identified a gap in the market for jackpot games that can be easily customized for individual operators and to the regulatory requirements in each of the markets they target. This is a powerful combination – flexible and customizable jackpot games offered across all verticals that are also compliant with the rules and requirements in the various regulated markets around the world – and one that will provide our partners with an edge over their rivals. 

Q: When you speak about a series of jackpot games, are those games going to be linked thematically or do you mean your first batch of products, each with its own unique theme and gameplay?

A: Each of our jackpots will have a theme or brand and we will release a family of games underneath each. This will ensure our suite of games is varied while also allowing operators to identify the themes and brands that engage their players and then add additional games that are similar. Of course, the maths for each jackpot allows for unique game features while still enabling us to link many games to each jackpot theme.

Q: How does innovation fit in your overall development strategy? Have you identified areas where others are simply not living up to player standards?

A: Innovation is probably our single most important goal and it is what we believe will set us apart from the competition. Player expectations are always changing and the only way to not only meet but exceed the experience they are seeking is to ensure you remain at the cutting edge of game development and that is exactly what we are doing with our portfolio of jackpot themes. Our long-term goal is to continue to excite and entertain players through a range of jackpot games that they love and come back to time and time again.

Q: Do you want to focus on slot jackpots or create a broader jackpot experience where the mechanics are implemented in different game genres?

A: We believe a broader jackpot experience is an essential requirement for the success of our company within the iGaming sector. Although we are initially starting with slots and tables we believe our game and jackpot expertise and experience will boost revenues in any other market and as such, have plans to expand our reach in the months and years ahead.

Q: What is your biggest challenge as a company entering the iGaming sector as a developer in 2021 and not 2000?

A: Back in 2000, both the competition and the number of games in the market were limited. Today there are hundreds of game studios releasing thousands of titles every year. Any company entering the market today needs to ensure they have a product or service that sets them aside from their rivals as this will ultimately determine the success of their business. We believe that the continual release of quality content will ensure the longevity of HITSqwad in this hugely exciting, fast-paced, and rapidly growing industry.


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