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Head of Maine’s Gambling Regulator Suspended over Controversial Tweets

Milt Champion faces a weeklong unpaid suspension and must undergo harassment and ethics training before returning to his workplace

The executive director’s tweets made derogatory remarks about women and included references to a white nationalist group, sparking widespread criticism and prompting an internal investigation. Champion apologized for his actions, noting he meant his words as satire but failed to judge their implications. His suspension clearly shows that even high-level officials can face consequences for their mistakes.

The Official Failed to Champion the Regulator’s Values

Milt Champion’s private Twitter account faced scrutiny when several tweets surfaced containing his derogatory comments about women and positive references to a white nationalist group. The first social media post referred to women by a pejorative term, while his second tweet noted that a neo-fascist hate group was “at least not burning down cities and looting stores.”

The Gambling Control Unit’s swift investigation and disciplinary action presented a reflection and growth opportunity for Champion. He thanked his colleagues for their hard work and commitment during his absence and offered a public apology. Champion regretted his actions, noting that the tweets did not reflect his views, but acknowledged their potentially harmful language.

While the two tweets were intended to be humorous, I recognize they were anything but. They were a mistake and an error in judgment, and I apologize for my actions.

Milt Champion, Maine Gambling Control executive director

The Maine gambling regulator concluded that Champion’s tweets violated the standards of conduct expected of a public servant. A one-week suspension without pay and mandatory workplace harassment and social media etiquette training should ensure that the executive director feels the consequences of his actions. As the head of a high-profile organization, Champion must always strive to uphold professionalism and maintain public trust.

The Official Failed to Champion the Regulator’s Values

Following the incident, the Gambling Control Unit must demonstrate a commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect. The organization can implement sensitivity training programs, promote diversity and inclusion initiatives, and ensure that all staff members understand the expectations of their professional conduct. Actively engaging with the public and fostering open dialogue should hopefully prevent similar future incidents.

Gambling regulators’ role as protectors of the public makes these organizations significantly more prone to scrutiny, especially concerning their public image. Recent social media controversies regarding high-profile organizations demonstrate the value of proper work ethics and social media awareness. Public servants must exercise good judgment and refrain from engaging in behavior that may compromise their ability to carry out their duties impartially.

Milt Champion’s disciplinary action underscores the expectations placed upon public servants to uphold values of respect, equality, and fairness. The Gambling Control Unit’s willingness to address the incident transparently and implement measures to prevent future occurrences will be instrumental in rebuilding public trust in the organization’s commitment to ethical conduct.

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