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Greece Bans Streaming Platform Kick Over Gambling Content

Kick’s lax policies on gambling got it blacklisted by the Hellenic Gaming Commission

Kick.com, a streaming platform supported by many pro-gambling advocates, has been blocked in Greece. As it turns out, the platform’s liberal stance on gambling doesn’t sit well with some markets.

Kick emerged in the wake of changes to the gambling content policies of Twitch, an Amazon-owned streaming service. Created by the founders of Stake.com, Kick seeks to provide customers with a censorship-free environment where people can freely express themselves and produce content.

As a result, prominent gambling streamers such as Tyler Faraz Niknam, also known as Trainwreckstv, have moved to the platform, supporting it in its journey to rival Twitch. For reference, Trainwreckstv used to be one of the top Slots streamers on Twitch and was very vocal in his disapproval of the platform’s new policies.

Greece Is Not Happy with Kick’s Lax Rules

Needless to say, Kick’s main appeals are its lax policies and generous paychecks. However, it is precisely the lax policies that led to its ban in Greece.

Earlier this week, Greek users found themselves unable to access Kick. When they checked the gaming blacklist of the Hellenic Gaming Commission, consumers saw that it had blacklisted the streaming site. The commission cited the Slots Gang section as the reason for the block.

It is possible that more countries will follow suit and block Kick since Greece isn’t the only jurisdiction with strict rules on gambling content. However, it is still early to say how Kick will navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Kick Seeks to Surpass Twitch

In any case, Kick seems to remain bullish on surpassing Twitch. Its founders have spared no money in attracting some of the best video gaming celebrities to the platform, effectively undermining Kick’s competitor.

A few days ago, Kick attracted Félix “xQc” Lengyel to its platform, offering him a $100 million contract. After that, Amouranth also announced that she will be joining the Twitch competitor, although she didn’t disclose the monetary aspect of her agreement with the company.

Kick is still a long way from toppling Twitch. However, it is certainly a rival Amazon shouldn’t underestimate.

Twitch is currently competing with Kick and Youtube Gaming, which have been increasingly keen on grabbing a bigger share of the streaming market. While Twitch still reigns supreme, its competitors have been growing stronger, representing a bigger threat to the Amazon-owned platform’s hegemony.

Kick is not the first platform to challenge Twitch’s rule. Whether its lax policies will be a blessing or a curse is yet to be seen.


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