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Google Changes US-Specific Jurisdictions Gambling Ad Policy

Google has revealed changes to its gambling ads and what entities would be eligible to advertise in several jurisdictions in the United States

The company that is also behind the largest search engine said that to advertise, entities would have to receive a certification. The measure will apply to both sports betting (in Vermont where state-approved entities will be able to advertise gambling) and lottery couriers (which must have a state license) in Arkansas, Montana, New Jersey, and New York.

Google Ads about Gambling Get Even Safer for Consumers

These changes track with Google’s increasingly heads-on approach to making sure that gambling advertisement is controlled and aligned with local regulations and laws. Advertisers who want to push these types of ads must now be authorized by the company.

Three types of advertisers can apply, including privately licensed operators, state-run entities, and social casino game operators, all of which can apply the appropriate forms on the Google website and apply accordingly.

Google in general has come under a lot of pressure from jurisdictions to offer a regime for gambling ads that can ensure that no rogue operator can syphon traffic off from the regulated market, and worse still, endanger consumers by misleading them about the nature of the gambling products advertised.

For a brief period, Google also prohibited gambling advertisements in the United States, but as regulation started to open up, so did Google’s own policies evolve.

One other issue surfaced earlier this year with help services arguing that their ads are being marginalized or overtaken by the ads that push for more wagering. However, Google denied any such accusations, arguing that the company was working to actively engage and only allow advertisement that is safe and appropriate for everyone.

Previous Controversies Now in the Past

Any shortcomings have been addressed since, Google said earlier this year, addressing accusations in Australia that it had accidentally blocked gambling help ads. “We’re constantly working to improve the accuracy of our enforcement systems and we apologize for any inconvenience this caused the advertiser,” the company said at the time.

Notably, Google was to win a case in Italy earlier this year that sought to fine the company $800,000 because it allegedly breached the blanket ban on gambling advertisements. The technical giant managed to win its case and proved that it had not violated the ad ban imposed by the country back in 2019. The victory was important to Google, which is adamant about its policies and standards, and seeks to protect its reputation at all costs.

Admittedly, Google has been a much more conscientious advertising platform than its social media counterparts, which are constantly under attack from various consumer groups over what has been called reckless advertisement.


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