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GLMS Suspicious Betting Alerts Dropped by 40% in Q2 Compared to Q2 2021

The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) issued a total of 287 suspicious betting alerts to its members during the second quarter of the current year. Most of them came from Europe and were tied to soccer events. 

40% Drop in Suspicious Gaming Events Alerts From 2021 

According to data from the GLMS for April-June, the total number of alerts went down 40% on a year-on-year basis. Europe generated the largest number of alerts with 156. At the same time, 226 of the total alerts were generated prior to the start of a match, while 44 of the alerts were enabled once the events were over. Only 17 of the alerts were signaled during playtime.

The same updates described 185 of the alerts as “green notifications”. These are alerts created by suspicious movements of odds that proved to have a logical explanation later on. 

Also, 82 of the alerts were considered mid-level, with only 14 red alerts signaling serious problems including match-fixing allegations. The rest of the alerts were categorized as “others”, pending more information from partners and members.

European Football in the Lead 

A total of 156 alerts were related to European gaming events, most of them related to football.  Asia was ranked second with 59 alerts, followed by South America with 33 notifications, Africa with 27 alerts, Oceania with five, and North America with four. Three other alerts related to international sports events.

Football was once again the king sport, being labeled as the sport that showed the most concern during the second quarter with 252 alerts. By comparison, eSports only gathered 14 alerts, followed by basketball with 13 notifications, ice hockey with four alerts, tennis with two notifications, and just one alert for volleyball and handball.

Reasons Behind the Alerts

Significant changes in odds were the primary reason for the majority of the issued alerts (73), while motivation gathered 65 notifications, followed by team-related events with 43 alerts and wrong opening prices with 31 alerts.

Every time GLMS identifies an abnormal betting pattern, it automatically raises an alert, then proceeds to consult with its members to further investigate the potential reasons why the odds may have changed. If these pattern changes can be clearly explained, the GLMS generates an official report. Around 20 such reports were generated during the second quarter of 2022.

Out of them, four were developed and transferred via GLMS after a series of internal investigations. Three reports were generated as a result of specific requests being formulated by partners or members. This was necessary to ease internal investigations or to gather more information. In April, GLMS entered the Ontario market with a license issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

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