October 19, 2020 2 min read


German Legislative Shift Catches Endorphina Prepared

Casino vendor and supplier Endorphina has announced that it has met the regulatory norms set out by German authorities, providing local gamers with the legally-mandated products they expect to see.

Endorphina Meets German Regulations in Full within Deadline

Endorphina has become the latest casino supplier to enact changes in response to the ongoing re-regulation of the German iGaming and sports betting market. Providers, affiliates, and gambling firms had until October 15 to fall in line with the new recommendations issued under the New State Treaty on Gambling.  

The casino supplier noted that it had met the recommendations issued by German authorities in full and within the specified deadline.

Endorphina further commented that all of its games complied with the new regulations, including German localization and a spin mechanic that forces the spin to continue for at least five seconds.

Furthermore, the supplier removed the auto-spin feature that allowed players to pre-load a fixed number of free spins and be “away” or not participate actively while playing. Endorphina has made adjustments to ensure that the probability and return-to-player (RTP) rates are displayed clearly and unambiguously.

Commenting on the latest need for swift action, Endorphina CEO Jan Urbanec said that the company was proud to keep pace with the German market and meet the standards set out by the government. He further had this to say:

“The combined effort of our legal and development team allowed us to quickly extract the details required from the German regulation and to implement them into our games so we do not disrupt the player’s experience.”

-Endorphina CEO Jan Urbanec

Endorphina Continues to Grow Despite Regulatory Headwinds

Endorphina has landed a number of high-profile deals recently, expanding its footprint across multiple markets. The company secured an important tie-up with Universal Soft in a bid to reinforce its position in Latin America, following another partnership with Tecnails, another Latin American gaming platform provider.

The company also forged a new alliance with E-Play24 in Italy, a market that is facing heavy regulatory pressure. Despite the added challenges of navigating new and fluid markets, Endorphina has remained committed to boosting its footprint and business operations.


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