February 7, 2023 3 min read


Genius Sports Introduces Revolutionary Fan Engagement Solution

Genius Sports unveiled details regarding its newest engine called Genius Marketing Suite that revolutionizes the engagement of brands with sports fans

Details of the new all-in-one fan engagement suite emerged Tuesday. The company explained that the new engine will deliver unique ways for sportsbooks, teams, leagues, brands and other sports industry stakeholders to engage with their fans.

Genius’ fan engagement Suite consists of data-driven solutions that provide a wide range of marketing capabilities. What’s more, the new engine includes engagement tools and features that help bring closer brands with their fans by creating long-term relationships.

With the launch of the Genius Marketing Suite, we are integrating the acquisitions of FanHub and Spirable alongside our proven media buying solutions to better serve any brand looking to engage sports fans.

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports

Mark Locke, Genius Sports’ CEO, explained that the launch of the company’s new solution delivers unique options for any brand that wants to engage with a sports fan base. He pointed out that the company is confident in its product, considering that it understands sports fans and knows the perfect way to connect with them.

Locke added: “As a leader in sports data, we can create authentic and real-time experiences at every step of the marketing funnel.” Finally, the CEO said that the new Genius Marketing Suite can help different stakeholders within the sports vertical regardless if sportsbook, apparel company or sports team.

As a proven leader within the sports realm, Genius is already famous for its unique activations. The company has engaged with globally recognized brands such as Heineken, Coca-Cola and Diageo, to name a few. Moreover, Genius has engaged with leading sports betting operators including FanDuel, DraftKings, bet365 and sports leagues like the MLB and the NFL.

Genius Marketing Suite Brings Unique Features

Details released by Genius reveal that the Genius Marketing Suite includes a service called Genius Media Buying. The service grants advertisers a unique option to retain and convert sports fans by using targeted advertisement campaigns. Additionally, the new engagement engine offers a feature that enables brands to “create, automate and optimize highly personalized dynamic video, display and CTV adverts.” This functionality is called Genius Creative.

On the other hand, the new fan engagement engine also offers Genius Games, a solution that helps brands engage with their fans by delivering gamification solutions. Such solutions can include predictor, trivia and fantasy games that connect the fans with the brands. Last but not least, Genius’ new product includes interactive media tools that help create widgets, sports data APIs and other data-rich visualizations via its Genius Data & Content feature.


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