February 7, 2023 3 min read


Genius Sports Adds New NFL Free-Play Product to Boost Fan Engagement

The sports data company and the sports league continue to collaborate on a range of experiences with a new set of free games intended at an international audience

Genius Sports Limited and the National Football League are teaming up for this fresh project with the companies seeking to elicit a stronger response from American football fanbases around the world. As a result, the companies have agreed to launch a new free-to-play game suite which will be rolled out in select international markets and seek to increase engagement and promote the NFL and the sport in general.

As the official league data distributor, Genius Sports is in a strong position to leverage high-value assets that translate into a variety of quiz-style games designed to make fans from all over the world familiarize themselves with the sport and engage. Presently, Genius Sports and the NFL are confident that this project could have success in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, but also in non-English speaking markets, such as France, Germany, Brazil and not least, Mexico.

Genius Sports Remains at the Core of NFL’s Vibrant Ecosystem

Commenting on this new opportunity, Genius Sports CRO Josh Linforth said that expanding the ongoing partnership with the NFL demonstrated the important role his company played in the league’s ecosystem. Linforth assured that Genius Sports will also help the NFL further expand its global audience through the bespoke games released by the company which are aligned with the league’s plans to continue building a strong rapport with international audiences.

Genius Sports has already launched a number of predictor and pick’em games, powered by the company’s access to official NFL data, with the games released for teams such as the Broncos, Raiders, Colts, and Rams. Genius Sports has been able to appeal to fans by challenging them to test their knowledge of the NFL and implicitly seeking to strengthen their understanding of the sport.

Fans can participate in gameday score forecasts, and various predictor games, and call the results on the biggest games of the season with the Super Bowl and Playoffs. There is a socially driven element in the new games, as well as players, will be able to compete against other NFL fans from all over the world and try to outscore them.

Genius Sports’ latest engagement products are part of the company’s ongoing efforts to transform the way that major sports identify, engage, and retain their fans. The sports betting legalization in the United States has given a further boost to free-to-play games as a gateway to both the activity, but also the sport behind it.

Genius Sports has been actively pursuing expertise in this vertical, leveraging its powerful, data-driven algorithms to help it achieve success. Genius Sports and the NFL revealed a trio of streaming deals with sportsbooks back in November.


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