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Gamstop Continues to See a Sharp Growth in Registrations

Gamstop, a British gambling self-exclusion service, reported that it saw a huge increase in registrations on its platform throughout 2021. The spike became clear in the company’s 2021 annual review.

Gamstop Says 28% More People Have Registered in 2021

According to Gamstop, its self-exclusion platform saw a whopping 28% year-on-year increase in registrations. It was noted that 50% of the Gamstop users opted for the maximum exclusion period, choosing to be free of gambling for five years. For comparison, 24% chose to exclude themselves for a year while 26% picked the six-month package.

The company noted that there is a slight tendency of people picking shorter exclusion periods compared to before as in 2020 a larger percentage of people (55%) chose the maximum package.

Taking a look at who chooses self-exclusion, men make up for 70% of the Gamstop registrations, the company noted. Even so, there has been an increase of women opting to exclude themselves from gambling. Gamstop said that women make up for 75,000 of the total 257,000 registrations. The annual review also showed that 43% of the Gamstop users are people in the 25-34 age range.

The Company Believes It Must Know Its Users Well

Lastly, Gamstop noted that a total of 235,000 of the registered users are currently excluded from playing online. Gamstop’s chief executive officer, Fiona Palmer, spoke on those figures:

“Registrations have remained high throughout 2021. While it is hard to gauge how associated this is to the pandemic, what is clear is that self-exclusion is an increasingly important tool for those who wish to remove the temptation of online gambling.”

Gamstop CEO Fiona Palmer

Palmer added that understanding the profile of users is very important in the fight against gambling harm. She said she wants to make sure that the Gamstop services are able to help all of the gamblers who seek self-exclusion.

Palmer concluded by thanking Gamstop’s committed partners for promoting the self-exclusion services and promised that the Gamstop team will continue to work hard to make sure that people have the gambling harm recovery tools that they need.

Gamstop will soon begin its trial of single customer view after it received approval from Britain’s Betting and Gaming Council. Thanks to this, it will become easier to categorize problem gamblers and take appropriate action to help them overcome their addiction and/or self-exclude.

Gamstop continues growing strong as a leading self-exclusion service. In late November 2021, the company first hit a quarter of a million registrations. Many have praised its self-exclusion program for its unparalleled efficiency.


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