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Gaming Society Adds Three Sports Pros as Advisors

Gaming Society, a gamification company that provides users with sports, entertainment, and culture content, has expanded its advisory board of directors with three new additions

The three people joining the board are Chelsea Gray, Derek Jeter and Sheryk Swoopes. Each of them will bring something to the company, helping it better educate people on how to make the most out of their betting experience while promoting inclusivity.

Three Sports Pros Joined the Advisory Board of Directors

The diverse skill sets of the new members will be crucial to expanding the company, one of its founders, Jaymee Messler, believes. Gray, for example, is the current WNBA Finals MVP. A true basketball professional, she helped her team, the Las Vegas Aces, win their first championship in 2022. By joining Gaming Society, Gray will seek to promote women’s leagues and responsible betting.

Jeter, on the other hand, is a member of Major League Baseball’s hall of fame. The now-retired professional boasts five World Series rings and is currently expanding his business. Jeter is an old pal of Messler’s as the two of them have previously worked together on creating the sports media platform The Players’ Tribune.

Lastly, Swoopes is a four-time champion of the WNBA. She has been crowned MVP three times and is also a hall-of-famer. She was excited by the growth of the WNBA and wants to usher in further innovation in sports.

The New Members Resonate with Gaming Society’s Mission

The three new members shared their thoughts on joining Gaming Society. Gray emphasized that she respects the company’s vision of providing gambling education to fans and athletes. In addition, she resonates with Gaming Society’s ambition to make sports more inclusive and promote women’s sports.

Jeter, meanwhile, believes that Gaming Society is “uniquely positioned” to promote betting to more sports fans. The MLB hall-of-famer lauded the platform as one that is “extremely compelling” and good at driving engagement. Jeter concluded that he, personally, is thrilled to once again work together with Messler.

Swoopes, who has been a member of the WNBA since its first season, had nothing but praise for Gaming Society and its goals. While she has seen the WNBA league grow in almost all aspects, Swoopes believes there is still more to be done in terms of gamification. She concluded that she is thrilled to join Gaming Society as an advisor.

Messler Welcomed the Three Advisors

Messler welcomed the new additions to the company’s advisory board of directors. He is certain that the new additions will help Gaming Society thrive and offer compelling experiences to sports enthusiasts.

With a wealth of experience across the spectrum of sports business, Chelsea, Derek and Sheryl understand the complexities, challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving sports industry and will serve Gaming Society extremely well.

Jaymee Messler, co-founder, Gaming Society

Messler also said that Gaming Society remains committed to leveraging games, betting and social experiences to drive fan engagement on a deeper level.

Speaking of Gaming Society, two weeks ago, the company teamed up with the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada to research women’s sports and how to better involve women in sports betting. This was yet another of Gaming Society’s diversity-oriented initiatives.


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