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Gaming Society Partners with IGI to Gain Insight into Female Bettors

Gaming Society and International Gaming Institute (IGI) at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) have partnered to research women’s sports and females engaging in sports betting

The goal of the research is to achieve a better understanding of the fans of female sports, the betting behavior regarding female sports, women that engage in sports betting activities, and the sponsorship coming to women’s sports.

The Collaboration Will Focus on Female Sports Bettors

The collaboration between IGI, the academic research center at UNLV, and sports betting operator Gaming Society is striving to make women’s sports and betting on them more accessible, inclusive, and engaging for sports fans, sports bettors, and sponsors.

However, the main focus of the research will be women bettors as very little is known about their betting habits, motivation, and attitude toward betting and sports. This information will help better understand female bettors and will also support the sports betting industry in targeting and engaging more women sports fans.

As part of the partnership, Gaming Society and IGI will also further develop and expand educational programs on responsible betting. One of their initiatives will include working on broadening and improving the Gaming Society’s Betting Academy 101.

These educational initiatives will aim to keep bettors up to date on the new developments in the industry and to help them better understand the new opportunities technologies provide in the sector, but also the many challenges that come with innovative advancements.

Furthermore, the partnership will see the creation of a mentor program involving UNLV students and professionals from the sports betting industry, which will give students opportunities for starting a career in the sector.

Executives from Gaming Society and IGI Are Thrilled about the New Partnership

Naturally, both Gaming Society and IGI expressed their excitement about the new collaboration.
Nancy Lough, Co-Director of Sports Research and Innovation at UNLV, highlighted the importance of research on female sports betting: “Advancement of women’s sports business relies on an appreciation of the value women’s sport offers to fans and sponsors. Collaboratively we will increase awareness of the exciting business opportunities in women’s sport, while also establishing UNLV’s IGI and the Gaming Society as the go-to source for thought leadership and workforce development.”

Brett Abarbanel, Executive Director at IGI, on his part, underlined the importance of the educational programs that will be part of the partnership. Abarbanel further stressed that the research will play an important part in seeing how sports betting can help the advancement and development of female sports.

Jaymee Messler, Co-Founder of Gaming Society, was also thrilled about the collaboration, noting that innovation in the sports betting industry can only be driven by analytical research and data collection. He further elaborated that the research conducted together with IGI, which will be available by the end of this year, is going to help sports teams, sports leagues, and team sponsors gain a better understanding of their fan base.


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