September 20, 2021 2 min read


GamblingNews Talks the Future of Esports with Oliver Niner of PandaScore (Podcast #8)

GamblingNews recently sat down for a podcast with Oliver Niner, PandaScore’s head of sales and an expert in commercial strategy. Niner has a strong background in the gaming industry, with a great deal of experience in business development. His skills have become highly beneficial to PandaScore’s growth and he continues to help shape the company’s future. With eSports betting starting to see a considerable amount of traction, PandaScore is in a great position to lead the way.

PandaScore has partnered with a number of gaming operators, including Betcris, Ladbrokes and more. For the past couple of years, interest in eSports betting has begun to take on a life of its own, and the company is able to provide solutions that enable its partners to rapidly integrate new alternatives with short ramp-up periods. It continues to seek out new business relationships across the globe that fuel the company’s growth, and is helping operators build products that respond to the eSports bettor’s demands.

Generally speaking, much of the interest in eSports betting comes out of the Asian region. However, European and North American activity is seeing a lot of growth, as well. As anyone working in the iGaming industry will attest, one of the biggest challenges, when dealing with so many different regions, is developing product that can be easily integrated while simultaneously complying with the regulations and policies that change from one place to the next.

PandaScore is allocating certain resources to the development of exotic and prop bets in eSports, a segment that continues to provide extremely viable. With the iGaming industry rapidly changing and more eSports betting finding support, the company is proactively introducing new solutions that bettors enjoy and that increase the entertainment value of eSports betting. Being a relatively young segment, eSports offers virtually unlimited opportunities, and PandaScore is raising the bar on the caliber of products that are being offered.


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