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Gambling Regulator in Germany Highlights Player Protection Measures

The gambling regulator in the country, Gluecksspiel, released information regarding the measures that protect online players from gambling harm and addiction

Germany’s authority responsible for licensing and supervision of online gambling, Gluecksspiel (GGL), highlighted the extensive measures for player protection available in the country under the State Treaty on Gambling (GlüNeuRStv 2021). The regulator reminded the effective measures for player protection and the announcement came ahead of the annual nationwide day of action against gambling addiction, September 27, 2023.

As a part of the GGL’s campaign, it released detailed information regarding the efforts of licensed gambling operators in the country. Additionally, it vowed to conduct more such events and campaigns that seek to raise awareness of the potentially addictive nature of gambling.

The regulator pointed to some of the most important measures for player protection that licensed gambling operators in Germany are required to comply with. Such include a prohibition of parallel play, as well as a cross-provider deposit limit that is usually capped at €1,000 ($1,058) monthly. Those limits, GGL explained, can be personalized, allowing online gamblers to set much lower sums for daily, weekly or monthly loss or deposit limits.

Additional player protection measures under the GlüNeuRStv 2021 include restrictions for different types of gambling. For example, spins for online slots must go on for at least 5 seconds before a new spin can occur. For every hour of play, a mandatory break of 5 minutes is applied, while wagers per spin are capped at €1 ($1.06) maximum.

Prevention of Gambling Addiction Is Important

In addition to player protection, Germany’s gambling regulator is committed to preventing gambling addiction. The country’s gambling watchdog regularly communicates with different organizations such as addiction associations, and strives to improve the regulations in an effort to protect more consumers.

Benjamin Schwanke, GGL’s board member, praised the associations’ efforts toward preventing gambling harm. “We therefore welcome the annual day of action against gambling addiction, because education and prevention measures are the basis for effectively combating or avoiding gambling addiction,” he explained.

It is important to us that the general public is informed about the legal regulations and that players can better assess which offers are illegal and which are legal, ie that they adhere to the strict rules for player protection.

Ronald Benter, board member at the GGL

Ronald Benter, a board member with the GGL, praised the importance of informing the public about the legal measures for player protection that gambling operators in the country need to comply with. He explained that the player protection tools available for German customers can help them differentiate the legal offering from the illegal market.

The latest initiative marks the 13th annual nationwide day of action against gambling addiction organized in the country.


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