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CS2 Now Playable on FACEIT with Tons of New Features

Now is the perfect moment to “extend a warm welcome” to all Counter-Strike enthusiasts, co-CEO Maisto said

ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), an entertainment company focused on esports and video gaming, revealed that Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is now playable on FACEIT. As a result, players can join the biggest competitive gaming platform to test and hone their skills while competing against millions of players.

FACEIT allows games to turn esports into a highly social experience, compete in tournaments and climb rankings. Leveraging Minerva, an AI-based anti-cheat and chat moderation solution, the platform allows players to enjoy fraud-free experiences in a friendly environment.

Player engagement is further bolstered by a seasonal Elo system that allows players to truly test their mettle. The first season seeks to provide unparalleled competitive experiences that will culminate with the inaugural first FPL Proving Grounds: The Ultimate Path to Pro. Monetary prizes await the best players, with a prize pool of $100,000 to be distributed among the top Challenger rank players.

The top three FPL Proving Grounds players, meanwhile, will get direct invites to the FPL and will be awarded a monthly stipend to support their esports journeys.

ESL FACEIT Wants to Grow the CS2 Community

FLP Proving Grounds has been designed to provide professional opportunities to ambitious players from all over the world. The event will take place every four months, serving as a new FPL qualifier and connecting players in the Americas and Europe.

The FLP has now been launched in Counter-Strike 2, welcoming some of the best players in the world. On FACEIT, the game will also sport the Super Match feature, which allows Plus and Premium players to select specific characteristics of their next match.

Furthermore, FACIT’s server selector feature is now available to European players as well, allowing CIS players to improve their connectivity.

EFG’s co-chief executive officer, Niccolo Maisto, commented on the importance of the current enhancements.

Over the past decade, we have had the honor of collaborating with the CS community to build FACEIT, a platform capable of bolstering the entire CS ecosystem and its sporting scene. CS2 is an incredibly exciting new chapter that gives us the chance to reinforce our commitment to this mission on an even grander scale.

Niccolo Maisto, co-CEO, EFG

Maisto added that now is the perfect moment to “extend a warm welcome” to all Counter-Strike enthusiasts, teams, content creators and event organizers. He said that FACEIT is firmly committed to supporting these people and growing the CS2 community.


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