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Tabcorp Slapped with a New Fine, This Time in NSW

This is the second fine Tabcorp has received in September and follows a violation in Victoria

Australia’s largest gambling company, Tabcorp, has received a fine of almost $10,000 (converted to USD from AUD 15,000) for its recent violation of New South Wales’ advertising rules. According to Liquor & Gaming NSW, the gambling company induced visitors of its website to gamble.

The advert was visible to anyone who visited Tabcorp’s website, regardless if they were a registered customer or not. Tabcorp later justified the promotion as the result of an “internal failing.”

Under New South Wales’ rules on gambling advertisement, any offers that encourage people to gamble are strictly forbidden. Overall, NSW prohibits companies from inducing players to play, open accounts, keep their account open or consent to receive promotions. As a result, the Australian gambling giant will have to pay the aforementioned fine.

Speaking on the matter, Liquor & Gaming NSW’s executive director of regulatory operations, Jane Jin, reprimanded Tabcorp, saying that an operator of its size should know better and have more robust internal controls to prevent the publication of such gambling inducements.

Jin noted that gambling operators should instead offer gambling promotions to existing betting account holders who have made the decision to play and have consented to receiving such inducements. She concluded:

However, wagering operators can’t advertise or promote inducements such as offers of increased odds or bonus bets to entice people to open a betting account or to gamble more frequently.

Jane Jin, exec director of regulatory operations, Liquor & Gaming NSW

Tabcorp Was Also Fined in Victoria

Several days ago, Tabcorp also found itself in hot water in the state of Victoria. In that case, the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission filed charges against eight venues, as well as Tabcorp, saying that they’ve allowed minors to gamble.

Tabcorp, among other entities, was accused of not having sufficient monitoring controls and social responsibility protocols. As a result of this serious violation, the company faced a fine of up to AUD 698,997 ($450,000).

VGCCC’s chief executive officer, Annette Kimmitt, emphasized that allowing minors to gamble is one of the most serious offenses a gambling company can commit. She said:

All gambling venues must ensure they do not accept a bet from a minor and must ask for identification from anyone they suspect could be underage.

Annette Kimmitt, CEO, VGCCC

Earlier this month, the Australian Taxation Office agreed to return $53 million to Tabcorp, following the resolution of a tax dispute.


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