August 20, 2021 2 min read


GamblingNews and Chalkline CEO Dan Kustelski Discuss the Company’s Future (Podcast #3)

The GamblingNews podcast series has proven to be a hit with gambling industry insiders, and we were recently fortunate enough to have Dan Kustelski, the co-founder and CEO of Chalkline, on our show. As the gambling industry is undergoing rapid, and sometimes sudden, changes, Chalkline’s unique products are proving to be valuable commodities for operators looking to get started or to expand their reach. Take a look at the podcast to glean valuable insight from one of the gaming industry’s true leaders.  

Chalkline has dozens of casino and sports betting operators, as well as media companies, as partners, thanks to the unique turnkey gaming solutions the company offers. It is a pioneer in the area of gaming-as-a-service, and continues to explore how to improve its products to meet market and regulatory demands. Chalkline serves companies in virtually all corners of the globe, and continues to add new operators to its growing library of partners.

Since the US Supreme Court defeated PASPA in 2018, Chalkline has seen a paradigm shift in its operations. It was around well before that ruling, but the sudden attention given to the US sports betting space has brought significant changes. As individual states create their own sports betting regulations, creating a one-size-fits-all solution for the US market is a virtual impossibility. However, Chalkline is meeting the challenges, and is able to overcome them as it grows.

With the NFL season having arrived, being the busiest time for sportsbooks everywhere, Chalkline has been playing close attention to developments and partner requests to ensure that it delivers solutions that are easily integrated into operator platforms. Kustelski optimistically states that it isn’t too late for new operators to get started, and that the company’s products and advisory team can help them launch with no difficulty. 


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