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GambleAware Urges for Improved Warnings on Gambling Ads

The UK-based charity revealed data highlighting the inherent dangers associated with gambling, advocating for stricter advertising regulations

GambleAware, a leading organization focused on preventing and treating gambling harms in the United Kingdom, is advocating for enhanced health warnings on gambling advertisements. This call to action comes in response to a newly published report by an independent consortium of researchers and academics, which underscores the need for clearer messaging regarding the risks associated with gambling.

Current Messaging Lacks Impact

The newly released report cites a survey of over 7,000 individuals, revealing shortcomings in the effectiveness of current safer gambling messages, especially the widely used industry-led slogan “Take Time To Think” (TTTT). According to the findings, the existing messaging fails to adequately communicate the dangers of gambling harms or direct individuals to available support services.

Alexia Clifford, chief communications officer for GambleAware, emphasized the importance of raising awareness about gambling harms as a critical public health issue. She highlighted the need to replace the current industry slogan with more impactful health warnings, expressing concerns about operators misusing the GambleAware logo, potentially downplaying the risks associated with gambling.

We urge industry to take heed of the growing body of evidence highlighting the need for better safeguards and restrictions.

Alexia Clifford, GambleAware chief communications officer

The report advocates replacing current marketing messages with three new health warnings demonstrating greater clarity, impact, and memorability among the general public and individuals who gamble. “Gambling can be addictive,” “Gambling comes at a cost,” and “Gambling can grip anyone” send a much more impactful and memorable message, better resonating with all audiences.

Gambling Harm Remains a Pressing Issue

Additional findings from the study indicate that incorporating a separate GambleAware health warning at the end of gambling advertisements is significantly more effective in directing individuals to support services. The report findings align with recent government responses emphasizing integrating and reinforcing public health messaging to reduce gambling-associated harm.

These research insights will hopefully inform the development of new guidelines for operators, providing clear recommendations on promoting safer gambling and preventing harm. Dr. Raffaello Rossi, a lecturer in marketing at Bristol University and co-author of the research, stressed the necessity of implementing warnings on gambling advertisements to highlight the addictive nature of gambling and provide clear pathways to support services.

We need to see better regulation of gambling operators who are widely bombarding us with their ads.

Dr. Raffaello Rossi, Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Bristol

Overall, GambleAware’s initiative underscores the importance of raising awareness about gambling harms and ensuring that individuals can access support services when needed. Through collaborative efforts between stakeholders, including industry operators and regulatory authorities, the UK can make strides in promoting safer gambling practices and preventing harm within communities.

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