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GambleAware Highlights Support Network’s Efficiency in New Report

Data from the National Gambling Helpline, meanwhile, highlighted a record-breaking number of calls in January 2024

GambleAware announced that support for people experiencing problems with their gambling is faster than ever. According to the latest National Gambling Support Network figures, problem players were offered treatment sessions with a trained professional in three and a half days on average between October and December 2023.

Additionally, organizations within the network that are highlighting free support ahead of the Grand National, provided support in just 1.3 days on average in the last three months of 2023.

Data from the National Gambling Helpline, meanwhile, highlighted a record-breaking number of calls (4,815) in January 2024, marking the sixth time this record was broken since the beginning of 2023. The helpline added that it has provided support via brief interventions to more than 28,175 people since April 2023.

GambleAware added that a recent YouGov survey of over 5,000 UK participants showed that people are most likely to choose weekly support sessions with trained professionals to reduce gambling harm.

Former Addicts Highlight the Importance of Availability

David Quinty, who previously received help from organizations within the National Gambling Support Network, praised the availability of support in the UK, saying that such organizations can really help people “rebuild their lives.”

Talking to a professional each week about what I was experiencing was an enormous step to help understand my relationship with gambling and, ultimately, help me recover from it.

David Quinty

Quinty urged everyone who believes they might be experiencing problems with their gambling to contact a professional.

Quinty’s words were echoed by Matt Burgiss – another former problem player. Having started gambling as a teen, he eventually became addicted and lost large amounts of money. Burgiss, who now helps others, said that the speed and availability of gambling support cannot be understated.  

GambleAware Wants to Make a Positive Impact  

GambleAware’s chief commissioning officer, Anna Hargrave, said that the National Gambling Support Network’s point is to prevent the escalation of gambling harms. The treatment and support it provides are available to everyone in the UK, allowing the network to make a positive impact on people across the country.

These essential third sector providers play a vital role for people across the country, and we look forward to continuing to share this expertise and experience alongside the NHS under the new system once a levy is introduced.

Anna Hargrave, chief commissioning officer, GambleAware

Stuart Andrew, the UK’s gambling minister, praised the good work, saying that it is good for struggling players to know that there is someone whom they can call when things spiral out of control.


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