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GambleAware Report Unveils Links Between Racism and Gambling Harm

The study, conducted by Ipsos UK and ClearView Research with support from the University of Manchester, delves into the lived experiences of gambling-related challenges faced by individuals from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds

A report released by GambleAware has shed light on the intricate connections between racism, discrimination, and gambling harm within minority communities across the UK. 

Racism, Discrimination, and Gambling Harms Amplify Struggles in Minority Communities

The research underscores that adults from minority communities grappling with gambling issues are 50% more likely to have encountered racism or discrimination in public spaces compared to those without gambling problems. The findings raise concerns about the compounding effects of discrimination on susceptibility to gambling harms, including social exclusion, limited employment opportunities, and heightened risks of mental health issues.

One notable revelation is that gambling serves as a coping mechanism for three times as many individuals in minority communities compared to their White British counterparts. The study points to a concerning trend where gambling is used as an escape from life’s challenges, potentially fueled by limited opportunities and financial struggles within disadvantaged communities.

The barriers to seeking support for gambling-related issues are multifaceted, with participants citing a lack of awareness about available services and concerns about the type of support they might receive. 

Alarmingly, trust issues stemming from past experiences of racism and discrimination deter some from reaching out to healthcare providers and support services. This lack of confidence extends to talking about gambling concerns with friends and family, further isolating individuals in need.

GambleAware’s CEO Urges Swift Action

Zoë Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, emphasizes the urgency of addressing these issues, stating: “Gambling harms can affect anyone, but they can be more common and more damaging in communities that face social inequality – such as these minority groups.” 

Osmond highlighted the availability of confidential, tailored support through the National Gambling Support Network and the organization’s commitment to community outreach for increased awareness and early intervention.

In response to the findings, GambleAware announced a new £4.3 million ($5.4 million) funding program set to launch in December 2023. This initiative aims to tackle the additional burdens of gambling harm faced by individuals from minority religious and ethnic communities. 

Anna Hargrave, GambleAware Chief Commissioning Officer, explained that the funding program aligns with research recommendations, intending to reduce the inequality of gambling harm experiences for women and minority communities.

In other news, GambleAware collaborated with PayPlan to combat the stigma surrounding problem gambling, aiming to encourage open discussions about gambling harm. Research indicated that societal judgment leads to 64% of adults with gambling-related issues remaining silent, with PayPlan’s involvement expected to enhance awareness and support efforts. 


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