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GambleAware: Problem Gambling Treatment Helps 9 in 10 People

NGSN members also asked for reassurance that the implementation of the new statutory levy would not harm the charity sector

British gambling harm charity GambleAware reported that the National Gambling Treatment Service is highly effective in helping patients. Ranging from early intervention through to therapy and residential treatment, the services offered by the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN) help at least 9 in 10 patients (88%).

Data shows that most users exhibit noticeable reductions in gambling problems. Furthermore, half of users are seen within 5 days or less of referral, while 75% are seen within nine days, attesting to the speed of the treatment sector’s support.

In addition, the demand for preventative measures has significantly increased. The National Gambling Helpline reported a whopping 46% increase in the first quarter compared to last year.

Anna Hargrave, GambleAware’s chief commissioning officer, praised the results, saying that they highlight the value of the prevention-focused approach. She also said that the figures demonstrate the importance of investing in early treatment, especially considering Britain’s gambling harm rates.

Professor Dame Clare Gerada also commented on the matter, describing gambling harm as a “societal, public health issue – not just a health one.” She said that the third sector plays an important in tackling this very issue.

The Third-Sector Is Concerned about the Upcoming Changes

The National Gambling Treatment Service is comprised of 10 organizations operating across England, Scotland and Wales. The charities comprising the service help thousands of people struggling with harm each year.

Amid the release of the latest figures, NGSN members called for reassurance from the government that the proposal for the implementation of the new statutory levy on gambling companies would not harm the charity sector.

GambleAware’s chief executive officer, Zoë Osmond, praised the government for heeding the calls for the introduction of the statutory levy. However, she highlighted the sector’s concerns about the transition period.

There is an urgent need for reassurance from Government that these (the third sector’s) essential services will be protected during and following the transition. We cannot lose the vast years of experience and expertise contained in the National Gambling Support Network and the wider third sector.

Zoë Osmond, CEO, GambleAware

Some fear that the new system would increase pressure on the NGS’ finances and waiting lists.

In the meantime, GambleAware joined forces with PayPlan to combat stigma around problem gambling.


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