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Former William Hill Employees Accused of Stealing $70K from Kiosks

Making adjustments to the devices allegedly allowed the former employees to illegally obtain a sum of more than $70,000

A handful of employees at William Hill were fired after an investigation of alleged embezzlement from kiosks of the company in Nevada. An investigation into the crime was initiated back in December 2022 by the gambling regulator in the state, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

While three people, suspected of being involved in the scheme were already fired by William Hill, another four are believed to have also been involved. The illicit activity reportedly resulted in losses of more than $70,000 for the operator that currently has more than 100 sports and race books across the state.

Citing documents from the gambling regulator, KLAS confirmed earlier this week that one of the William Hill employees allegedly involved in the fraudulent activity was a supervisor with the initials M.B., while the second person had the initials T.R. Besides the duo, it is alleged that other individuals were also involved in the fraudulent scheme as co-conspirators.

The investigation of the NGCB uncovered that the two suspects allegedly added money to different kiosks with the help of different software programs. After that, the employees would print fraudulent receipts from the pre-selected kiosks which were subsequently exchanged for cash. The group is believed to have obtained more than $70,000 using this illegal method.

Allegedly, the person who tampered with the kiosk device would make an “adjustment.” Those actions raised suspicion as such changes are not frequent. According to the NGCB, “the suspects were caught making $100, $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 and $2,500 singular adjustments.”

The suspect with the initials T.R. was allegedly responsible for nearly half of the aforementioned adjustments in a single month. On the other hand, the supervisor with the initials M.B. allegedly completed the other half of the fraudulent adjustments.

Not the First Group Using Such Fraudulent Method

The unsophisticated scheme resembles a case that resulted in charges against two other former William Hill employees. The separate incident dates back to last year and involved a similar fraudulent method that ultimately resulted in a guilty plea by two employees who admitted to five charges. Those employees also were ordered to pay some $200,000 in restitution as well.

According to documents, besides the similarity in the method, both fraudulent cases involved supervisors or customer services agents tampering with kiosks. “After the fraudulent adjustments were made, the co-conspirators would then print and redeem altered kiosk vouchers for cash,” explain documents on the matter.


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