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Underdog Sports Bucks Trend and Supports GRIT Act

The GRIT Act promises to bring fresh funds allocated to gambling harm prevention, research, and treatment, and some betting operators are now warming up to the idea

Not everyone has been welcoming of the proposal and the American Gaming Association, a trade group, curtly rebuked the legislation in its current form. A measure such as that would further depress the competitiveness of the regulated gambling market, and give teeth to rogue and black market operators.

Not Part of the Pack

But this prospect does not seem to worry at least one company in the industry’s corner which remains non-chalant at the prospect of losing its keen edge to the black market. For now, though, Underdog Sports is leading a lonely club of operators that are plumping for the GRIT Act as outlined earlier.

The operator echoes the sentiment expressed earlier this year by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), arguing that the measure is a cleverly designed federal law that will help fill the current funding gap in the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction and research.

Underdog spoke exclusively with Sports Handle outlining its support for the GRIT Act and why it believes it is the right thing to do moving forward. In a statement to the publication, Underdog Sports VP of responsible gambling Adam Warrington said:

“There is a need for dedicated federal resources to aid problem gambling prevention, research, and treatment. The GRIT Act would direct existing tax dollars paid by legal operators to be utilized to fill the current funding gap.”

Would this see more operators follow suit? So far the response has been tepid, with responsible gambling campaigners and organizations, such as the aforementioned NCPG, showing a degree of partialness towards the matter.

Operators have mostly mummed the word as if waiting for an official cue. One such has come from AGA, criticizing the GRIT Act and warning about the dangers of passing legislation without a broader collaboration between lawmakers and authorities.

Sorely Needed Action Now

Underdog Sports’ perspective is a refreshing take on the issue, but it’s a lone voice for the time being. For actual industry reading to be made, there will have to be more companies that speak up about where they stand on the matter.

It is not very likely to see individual operators hew too far from the position outlined by AGA, but Underdog Sports is already bucking the trend which will most likely beget a broader debate, and set a healthy precedent.

Some lawmakers have already voiced their concern about the lack of adequate measures to curb problem gambling in the United States, with Congresswoman Andreas Salinas sounding the alarm over the lack of adequate measures.


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