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Former Congressional Candidate Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charge

The defendant, who was also a popular WWE wrestler and former football player, denied any involvement in an incident that resulted in the death of one person

Daniel Rodimer, a former congressional candidate from Nevada, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to a murder charge stemming from the death of Christopher Tapp, an Idaho man fatally injured in a Strip hotel room. Rodimer, 45, a former professional wrestler who ran for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district in 2020, was indicted by a grand jury late last month.

The Defendant Willingly Surrendered Himself

The incident allegedly occurred during a party at Resorts World in October, where Rodimer is accused of attacking Tapp, 47. According to an arrest report, Rodimer became enraged when Tapp purportedly offered his stepdaughter cocaine during the party at Resorts World.  The altercation resulted in Tapp suffering blunt head trauma, leading to his death at the hospital a week later.

Tapp, who spent two decades in an Idaho prison for a 1996 murder he did not commit, was released in 2017, got acquitted in 2019, and later won an $11.7 million settlement against the city of Idaho Falls in 2022. The Clark County coroner’s office ruled Tapp’s death a homicide, meaning Rodimer can potentially face life in prison.

Rodimer willingly surrendered himself to the authorities after the warrant for his arrest. Defense lawyers David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld highlighted Rodimer’s readiness to face trial and reiterated his conviction of his innocence. They also asked the media and the broader public to respect the presumption of innocence, fearing damage to Rodimer’s reputation.

Rodimer Remains Convinced of His Innocence

During a recent court hearing presided over by District Judge Tierra Jones, Rodimer entered a plea of “not guilty” in response to the murder charge. Attorney David Chesnoff announced plans to challenge the grand jury’s indictment, emphasizing Rodimer’s denial of his involvement in the alleged incident. This stance contradicts existing eyewitness testimonies, complicating the case.

John Thomas, Tapp’s former public defender in Idaho, who has been attending court hearings with Tapp’s family, characterized the defense’s intention to challenge the indictment as a routine legal procedure. He expressed no significant concerns following Wednesday’s hearing and remained confident that the prosecution had all the necessary evidence to proceed.

The defense’s challenge to the indictment indicates a forthcoming legal battle in Rodimer’s case, as both parties are willing to defend their stance. This case continues the unfortunate trend of fatal incidents at high-profile casinos, highlighting the need for constant vigilance and robust security measures in such establishments.

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