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Local Virginia Resident Strikes $1.3M Jackpot at MGM National Harbor

Alex Alvarado, the vice president of casino operations at MGM National Harbor, celebrated the player's success

On May 5, the lights of MGM National Harbor shone brighter than ever as a local Virginia resident, who has decided not to disclose his/her identity, grabbed a whopping $1.3 million jackpot payout after playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The fortunate player got a winning royal flush in diamonds, which helped him/her score the largest payouts ever recorded in the United States for this popular table game.

Virginia Visitor Strikes Diamond Flush Jackpot

The massive win was preceded by a thrilling sequence of events. First, the player, who is not from Maryland but came to play at MGM National Harbor from neighboring Virginia, was dealt a Queen and a King of diamonds. Those cards ignited a glimmer of hope. As the game progressed, the player felt an even greater tinge of anticipation after he also got the third card, a Jack of diamonds. Then the Ace of diamonds followed on the turn. At the end, the 10 of diamonds completed the flush on the river.

Alex Alvarado, vice president of casino operations at MGM National Harbor, rejoiced in the player’s success, noting: “What an incredible moment for our guest to win this huge jackpot at MGM National Harbor. As an entertainment destination, our mission is to provide a variety of options for guests to have an unforgettable experience — whether at a restaurant, a show, or in the casino. We’re thrilled that a local struck a big payday on one of our many table games that feature progressive jackpots.”

Situated just outside of the city of Washington, D.C., MGM National Harbor is an integrated casino resort offering a variety of amenities and entertainment options. The resort boasts a 23-story hotel with 308 luxury rooms and 135,000 square feet of gaming space. 

Beyond the casino floor, guests can explore an array of retail outlets, rejuvenate their senses at the spa, and indulge their palates at seven distinct dining venues offering culinary delights from around the globe.

From Improbability to Fortune

The seven-figure windfall defied astronomical odds, standing at nearly 31,000-to-1, making it a rare and extraordinary feat in high-stakes poker. The sheer rarity of attaining a royal flush in 7-card Texas Hold ‘Em underscores the magnitude of this achievement, with statistical probabilities standing at a mere 0.0032%.

This astronomic win will serve as a glimmer of hope for all players engaging in games with high progressive jackpots that will now dream of their own short at fortune. For the MGM National Harbor casino, this major win is proof of its allure as a premier destination for both high rollers and casual gamblers alike. The casino’s wide range of amenities do not only offer entertainment but also the enticing prospect of life-changing wins.


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