Former Baccarat Dealer at Star Sydney Gets 2 Years in Prison over Betting Scam

After participating in a gambling scam last year, a former Star Sydney employee was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment. The baccarat dealer, together with two accomplices, cheated the property out of $368,000 in 2020.

Former Baccarat Dealer at the Star Sydney Involved in a Betting Scam

A former baccarat dealer, previously employed by the Star Sydney, Australia, was sentenced to prison over a betting scam. The illegal scam cheated the property out of some $368,000 last year, the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) announced last week. Consequently, Hieu Duc Lam was sentenced to two years in prison, effective July 9, 2021 through July 8, 2023. Additionally, the former baccarat dealer must also serve 250 hours of community service work. Lam’s convictions include 15 counts of dishonesty for obtaining a financial advantage. Besides the sentence, upon request from NSW Liquor and Gaming, ILGA has also canceled the scammer’s gaming license.

CCTV Footage Unveils the Betting Scam

The betting scam was discovered by the Star via CCTV footage. To complete his illicit activity, Lam collaborated with another employee and a casino patron. Before starting a baccarat game, he would memorize the cards and then use a secure messaging app to send the details to his accomplice. The accomplice would participate in the upcoming game, knowing what cards are coming. The scam brought the three people some $345,000 in less than a month.

ILGA Cancels the Dealer’s License

ILGA’s chair, Philip Crawford, revealed that The Star self-reported the incident, which is in line with the operator’s obligations. Moreover, he said that ILGA was “right to sack its employee as they held special positions of responsibility in the industry.” Crawford added that casino special employees’ main goal is to safeguard the integrity of casino operations, which is why they are licensed as well.

A casino special employee is licensed to supervise and facilitate gaming activities.

Philip Crawford, chair, ILGA

Those employees must protect the casino operations from misconduct, criminal influence, as well as exploitation. This is why a special degree of trust is placed in their hands, explained Crawford. In conclusion, he said that the current case clearly outlines a breach of that trust.

The news about the discovered betting scam comes several months after two other Star Casino employees were convicted. Back in March this year, two employees of the casino were sacked and convicted after trying to steal $30,000 in gaming chips.

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